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2015 ASEAN Para Games

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Nations participating

336 in 15 sports

Closing ceremony
9 December 2015

Athletes participating

Opening ceremony
3 December 2015

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Celebrate the Extraordinary

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Opening Ceremony | 8th ASEAN Para Games 2015

The 2015 ASEAN Para Games, officially known as the 8th ASEAN Para Games was a multi-sport event held from 3 to 9 December 2015, in Singapore, six months after the closing of the 28th Southeast Asian Games, four months after Singapore's 50th National Day celebration and three months after 2015 Singapore general election with 336 events in 15 sports and disciplines featured in the games. This was Singapore's fourth time to host the Southeast Asian Games, but its first as host for the ASEAN Para Games.


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The 2015 ASEAN Para Games is the eighth edition of the ASEAN Para Games since its inception in 2001 and is the sixth edition of the games to follow the tradition that the host venue of the Southeast Asian Games is also the host of the ASEAN Para Games, a tradition broken when 2009 ASEAN Para Games was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia instead of Vientiane, Laos and when 2011 ASEAN Para Games was held in Surakarta instead of Jakarta. Singapore is the seventh nation to host the ASEAN Para Games after Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Myanmar.

The final medal tally was led by Thailand, followed by Indonesia and Malaysia with host Singapore in fifth place. Several World, Asian, Games and National records were broken during the games. The Games were deemed generally successful with its effective management of cost spent to host the games, arrangement of public transport and games promotion and with the rising standard of disabled sports competition amongst the Southeast Asian nations.

Host city

The 8th ASEAN Para Games was held in Singapore. Previously, Singapore's selection as the host of the 28th Southeast Asian Games was announced in 2011 during the 26th Southeast Asian Games, held in Indonesian cities Palembang and Jakarta which have been held from 5 to 16 June 2015. Singapore had previously been nominated to host the event in 2007 and 2013, but turned down both opportunities citing costs associated with the construction of the new Singapore Sports Hub.

Development and preparation

The Singapore ASEAN Para Games Organising Committee (SAPGOC) was formed to oversee the staging of the event.


The 2015 ASEAN Para Games used a mix of new, existing and temporary venues. Given the city-state's compact size, most venues were pre-existing public-sporting facilities located in the suburban heartlands which will revert to public use after the games. No major retrofitting work were done in most venues as most had been used to host major multi-disciplinary events such as the 2010 Youth Olympic Games and the 2015 Southeast Asian Games.

At the centrepiece of the activities was the Singapore Sports Hub which was completed in mid-2014 and was used to host the 2015 Southeast Asian Games. Incorporating the new 55,000-seat national stadium, it hosted most of the events.

A games village was not built as in the 2015 Southeast Asian Games. Instead, a "village in the city" concept saw athletes and officials housed in Marina Bay Sands Hotel downtown Singapore which was chosen to be the official games village because of its ability to cater to people with special needs. The hotel reaffirmed its commitment to its corporate social responsibility programmes, and is looking to raise awareness among the public about para-sports. It is physically near to the Singapore Sports Hub, offering about 1500 rooms for usage and was hoped that it will add vibe to the city and reduce post-games costs in converting a dedicated games village to other uses.

The 8th ASEAN Para Games had 14 venues for the games.

Public transport

Given the existing extensive public transport network already in place, there is no games-specific major infrastructural development to support it. Bus, Mass Rail Transit and van services were provided to athletes, officials and VIP guests to reach the games venues and many of them were equipped with platform to load wheelchair-bounded people especially wheelchair-bounded athletes and officials.


The organisers estimated that about 3,000 volunteers are needed to successfully host the games. As of 21 November 2015, about 4,300 public members have signed up as volunteers.


During the closing ceremony of the 2014 ASEAN Para Games, the APSF Flag was formally handed over to Singapore from Myanmar. This was followed by a song and dance section highlighting Singapore as the next venue.

From 3 to 9 December 2014, a series of festivities called the "Treerific Christmas" were held. Visitors were exposed to activities such as disability sports try outs such as javelin, shooting, bowling and Boccia, Walk-a-Wheelathon carnival games, performances, arts & crafts, face-painting, balloon-sculptin, to mark the one year countdown to the games. Christmas caroling is organized as well in time of the 2014 Christmas Day.

The countdown to the games began on 15 February 2014 with a launch party at the Gardens by the Bay, where the logo, theme and mascot were also introduced. Related activities was held from September to December 2015. Starting 25 July 2015 onwards, Sport Without Boundaries Roadshows were held at 4 venues from 10:30 to 17:30 SST across Singapore in their respective dates, aimed to introduce para sports to the community and increase their awareness of para sports and the upcoming 8th ASEAN Para Games (APG). The roadshow begins with Jurong West Sport Centre, held between 25 and 26 July, followed by Choa Chu Kang Sport Centre between 19 and 20 September, Seng Kang Sport Centre between 24 and 25 October and Pasir Ris Sport Centre between 31 October and 1 November. Public people were invited to try out sports like Boccia, Goalball, football 5-a-side, table tennis, and wheelchair basketball and win the games merchandise.


The principal agency to ensure the security of the games is the Singapore Police Force, supplemented by the Auxiliary Police Forces. The organisers singled out security as one of their major concerns ahead of the games, with worries over unforeseen security breaches which may occur across any of the venues, some of which are easily accessible by the public.


A total of 981 medals were awarded during the games. The design of the medals were similar to those of 2015 Southeast Asian Games which were unveiled on 27 April 2015. Designed by Joys Tan from Sport Singapore, they feature the Games' logo on one side, and the Singapore Sports Hub on the reverse. Each medal will be 80mm in diameter and will each weigh 183 grams.

Theme, logo and mascot

Similar to the 2015 Southeast Asian Games, the theme of the 2015 ASEAN Para Games is Celebrate the Extraordinary. It represents the connection of individuals, communities and countries to their own dreams beyond competing, winning or overcoming defeat and inspiring the soul and spirit inside each people of Southeast Asia.

The logo of the 2015 ASEAN Para Games draws its inspiration from the 28th SEA Games and is an image depicts the human figures and arms, raised in jubilation and seamlessly joined, weave together to form the shape of a heart, represents the essence of the international paralympic movement of Spirit in motion and the gumption to overcome challenges, and the indomitable triumph of the human spirit. The radiance of the colour palette represents the dynamism of sport. The three figures also represent inclusiveness, uplifting and transforming sports with disabilities, and national pride and represents the unity of competing athletes, as individuals, as a movement, and as a region, reaching for extraordinary.

Similar to the 2015 Southeast Asian Games, the mascot of the 2015 ASEAN Para Games is a lion named Nila. The name comes from Sang Nila Utama, the founder of Singapura. Nila has a red mane and heart-shaped face and is described as courage, passionate and friendly. He wears either his signature tracksuit or blue sporting attire, depending on the occasion.


A special compilation album titled Songs of the Games was produced by veteran music director Sydney Tan and released on 3 March 2015. It features the three official theme songs: "Unbreakable" written by Amir Masoh and performed by Tabitha Nauser, "Greatest" by Daphne Khoo and "Ordinary" written by Amir Masoh and performed by The Sam Willows. The other songs included: "You're Wonderful" performed by Tay Kewei, Gayle Nerva and Tabitha Nauser, "Flags Up" written and performed by The Sam Willows, "Champion" written by Charlie Lim and performed by The Sam Willows, "Still", "A Love Song-Unbreakable", "Forever", "You're almost There", "Dancing on the world", "Colours" and "Reach".


A total of 32 sponsors, comprising 4 Main sponsors, 10 Official sponsors and 18 Official partners sponsored the 2015 ASEAN Para Games. The broadcasting rights of the main sponsor MediaCorp is owned by MediaCorp TV.

Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony was held on Thursday, 3 December 2015, beginning at 20:00 SST (UTC+8) at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore. There were five performances in the opening ceremony, which are Stretching the Boundaries, A World of Creative Possibilities, Shooting For the Best, Fire Your Imagination and Celebration of the Extraordinary. The opening ceremony was designed by Phillip Tan. The ceremony begins with the Stretching the Boundaries performance where Singapore shooter Aishah Samad was seen at the stage for a short moment, followed by a group of dancers dancing led by an autistic girl dancer. The performance proceeds with the entrance of VIP guests including Singapore President Tony Tan Keng Yam, the playing of Singapore National Anthem and the countdown video depicts clay figure made by Singapore school students.

Then, athletes of participating nations paraded into the stadium to the ASEAN traditional music, followed by speeches addressed by Grace Fu, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth of Singapore and Zainal Abu Zarin, President of the ASEAN Para Sports Federation and the declaration of the games opening by president Tony Tan Keng Yam and the raising of the APSF and the games flag. Second performance in line is A World of Creative Possibilities where students doing acrobatic performance, with a map of Singapore designed by Special Education students at the background. This was followed by the Shooting For The best performance where dancers from Asian countries doing the glow in the dark dance, followed by oath taken by Yong Phen Chong for athletes, Lanny Kwok Ping Ping for officials and Muhammad Hosni for Coaches and Personal Best performance which depicts the video of the voice of athletes from participating nations.

In the Fire Your Imagination, dancers from Asia Women Welfare Association making performances with a person playing flute and two students doing the hand sign dance to express their dreams, followed by the video showing the fighting spirit of Singapore athletes. A group of athletes then passed the torch flame one after another before it was passed to Yip Pin Xiu who lit the flame on the cauldron with Tay Wei Ming and Gan Kai Hong Aloysius. The ceremony concludes with the Celebration of the Extraordinary, where performers of the previous performances gather with the tiger drummers and mascot Nila to do the finale.

Closing ceremony

The closing ceremony was held on Wednesday, 9 December 2015, from 20:00 SST (UTC+8) at the Marina Bay Sands ballroom in Singapore. Athletes and guests were treated with a series of dances and performances and the dinner served at the ballroom. After that, Prime minister Lee Hsien Loong declared the games closed. The torch was extinguished and the ASEAN Para Games responsibilities was officially handed over to Malaysia, host of the 2017 ASEAN Para Games where Saravanan Murugan receives the flag of the ASEAN Para Sports Federation as its symbolisation. The national anthem of Malaysia was played as the National flag of Malaysia was raised. A Malaysia segment performance was also performed by a drum band named Republic of Gendang, highlighting Malaysia as the next host of the ASEAN Para Games. Malaysia also hosted the 2017 Southeast Asian Games in August 2017.

Participating nations

The number of athletes competed for each nation is shown in parenthesis. Around 1181 athletes and 500 officials had participated in the games.

Did not enter
  • Timor-Leste was suspended by the International Paralympic Committee, hence the ASEAN Para Sports Federation decided to bare Timor-Leste from participating at the games.
  • Sports

    The Singapore ASEAN Para Games Organising Committee (SAPGOC) had confirmed a total of 15 sports for the 8th ASEAN Para Games. This was the most number of sports offered at the ASEAN Para Games in its history. The announcement took place after the sports were endorsed at the 1st ASEAN Para Sports Federation Board of Governors’ Meeting at Marina Bay Sands.

    Medal table

    A total of 981 medals comprising 336 gold medals, 324 silver medals and 321 bronze medals were awarded to athletes. The Host Singapore's performance was their best ever yet in ASEAN Para Games History and was placed fifth overall among participating nations.


      *   Host nation (Singapore)


    Sport Singapore hosted live video stream at its YouTube channel. An official mobile application for the games was also released which featured live streams of selected sports events, schedules, results and other promotional materials.


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