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2014 ATP World Tour

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Edition  45th
Most tournament titles  Novak Djokovic (7)
Tournaments  64
Most tournament finals  Roger Federer (11)
2014 ATP World Tour
Duration  30 December 2013 – 17 November 2014
Categories  Grand Slam (4) ATP World Tour Finals ATP World Tour Masters 1000 (9) ATP World Tour 500 (11) ATP World Tour 250 (39)

The 2014 ATP World Tour was the global male elite professional tennis circuit organized by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) for the 2014 tennis season. The 2014 ATP World Tour calendar comprises the Grand Slam tournaments (supervised by the International Tennis Federation (ITF)), the ATP World Tour Masters 1000, the ATP World Tour 500 series, the ATP World Tour 250 series, the Davis Cup (organized by the ITF) and the ATP World Tour Finals. Also included in the 2014 calendar is the Hopman Cup, which is organized by the ITF and does not distribute ranking points.


The women's counterpart of the ATP is the WTA (Women's Tennis Association) and the 2014 WTA Tour.


This is the complete schedule of events on the 2014 calendar, with player progression documented from the quarterfinals stage.


Statistical information

These tables present the number of singles (S), doubles (D), and mixed doubles (X) titles won by each player and each nation during the season, within all the tournament categories of the 2014 ATP World Tour: the Grand Slam tournaments, the ATP World Tour Finals, the ATP World Tour Masters 1000, the ATP World Tour 500 series, and the ATP World Tour 250 series. The players/nations are sorted by:

  1. Total number of titles (a doubles title won by two players representing the same nation counts as only one win for the nation);
  2. Cumulated importance of those titles (one Grand Slam win equalling two Masters 1000 wins, one ATP World Tour Finals win equalling one-and-a-half Masters 1000 win, one Masters 1000 win equalling two 500 events wins, one 500 event win equalling two 250 events wins);
  3. A singles > doubles > mixed doubles hierarchy;
  4. Alphabetical order (by family names for players).

Titles information

The following players won their first main circuit title in singles, doubles, or mixed doubles:

The following players defended a main circuit title in singles, doubles, or mixed doubles:

Top 10 entry

The following players entered the top 10 for the first time in their careers:

ATP rankings

These are the ATP rankings of the top 20 singles players, doubles players, and the top 10 doubles teams on the ATP Tour, at the current date of the 2014 season. Players on a gold background have qualified for the Year-End Championships.

Statistics leaders

as of 15 December 2014

Point distribution

ATP Points were distributed from 2009 to 2015


Only World Group and World Group Play-Off matches and only live matches earn points. Dead rubbers earn no points. If a player does not compete in the singles of one or more rounds he will receive points from the previous round when playing singles at the next tie. This last rule also applies for playing in doubles matches.

1 A player who wins a singles rubber in the first day of the tie is awarded 5 points, whereas a singles rubber win in tie's last day grants 10 points for a total of 15 available points.

2 For the first round only, any player who competes in a live rubber, without a win, receives 10 ranking points for participation.

3 Team bonus awarded to a singles player who wins 7 live matches in a calendar year and his team wins the competition.

4 Performance bonus awarded to a singles player who wins 8 live matches in a calendar year. In this case, no Team bonus is awarded.

5 Team bonus awarded to an unchanged doubles team who wins 4 matches in a calendar year and his team wins the competition.


Following is a list of notable players (winners of a main tour title, and/or part of the ATP Rankings top 100 (singles) or top 50 (doubles) for at least one week) who announced their retirement from professional tennis, became inactive (after not playing for more than 52 weeks), or were permanently banned from playing, during the 2014 season:


Following are notable players who will come back after retirements during the 2014 ATP Tour season:


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