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2011–12 Serie B

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Season  2011–12
Top goalscorer  Ciro Immobile (28)
Champion  Delfino Pescara 1936
Goals scored  1,097
Champions  Pescara
Dates  25 Aug 2011 – 9 Jun 2012
Location  Italy
Matches played  440
2011–12 Serie B

Promoted  Pescara Torino Sampdoria (by Play-off)
Biggest home win  Sampdoria 6–0 Gubbio (4 September 2011) Torino 6–0 Gubbio (24 March 2012) Pescara 6–0 Vicenza (1 May 2012)
Biggest away win  Padova 0–6 Pescara (20 April 2012)
Relegated  A.S.D. Città di Nocera 1910, A.S. Gubbio 1910, U.C. AlbinoLeffe
Similar  2012–13 Serie B, 2010‑11 Serie B, 2007‑08 Serie B, 2006–07 Serie B, 2014–15 Serie B

The 2011–12 Serie B (known as the Serie bwin for sponsorship reasons) will be the eightieth season since its establishment in 1929. A total of 22 teams will contest the league: 15 of which returning from the 2010–11 season, four of which promoted from Lega Pro Prima Divisione, and three relegated from Serie A. It began on 27 August 2011 and will end on 27 May 2012.



The league will feature three clubs relegated from Serie A: Brescia returned to the second division after only a single season in the top flight, whereas Bari were relegated after a two-year stint. The third relegated team, Sampdoria, made instead a rather unexpected Serie B return after nine years.

Four teams were promoted from Lega Pro Prima Divisione, three of them returning to Serie B after significant absences, and two of them will play Serie B for their second time in history, Gubbio after 63 years and Juve Stabia after 59 years, while Nocerina will take part to its third Serie B after 32 years. The fourth promoted team, Verona, make instead their return to Serie B after four years; Verona will also participate as one of only three teams in the league who won the Italian national championship at some point in history (the other two being Sampdoria and Torino).


The league started with a number of teams being punished with Ascoli being docked six points (then reduced to three) as a consequence of the 2011 Italian football scandal. Ascoli were also docked one point due to failing to pay social security money in time, together with Crotone and Juve Stabia.

Later in October 2011, Juve Stabia were docked five more points (successively reduced to three) due to their involvement in a matchfixing scandal regarding a 2008–09 Lega Pro Prima Divisione game against Sorrento. Still in October, Ascoli were docked three more points (now totalling a seven-point overall deduction) due to failing to meet some financial deadlines.

On 3 December 2011, the Padova–Torino league match was suspended with the home club leading 1–0 due to an electric stadium blackout; the game was completed 11 days later, and ended with the same result as earlier. Torino, however, appealed against Padova, claiming the home club was responsible for the blackout issue, and asked for being awarded the three points instead. On March 2012, the sports magistrature ultimately ruled in favour of the recurring club, and changed the result to a 3–0 win for Torino. Padova, however, successfully appealed at the Court of Federal Justice against the ruling, and on 27 April 2012 the result was switched back to a 1–0 win for the home club.

On 14 April 2012, the Pescara–Livorno game was halted after 30 minutes (the result being 0–2 at the time of suspension) after Livorno footballer Piermario Morosini suffered a heart failure on the pitch and eventually died in transport to hospital. The event caused the immediate cancellation of all Italian football games for the week, with the involving matches (including the remaining 60 minutes of Pescara–Livorno) being delayed to mid-May.

The first season verdict, AlbinoLeffe's relegation after nine consecutive years in the division, came on 5 May 2012. Seven days later, Gubbio became the second relegated club of the season, thus going down on their first season back. On 20 May 2012, the first promotion verdicts arrived as Torino, having already been champion of winter, and Pescara mathematically ensured themselves a place in the top flight for the following season; on that same day, it was also made official that Sassuolo, Verona, Varese and Sampdoria will be the four participants to the post-season promotion playoff tournament. The final regular season week marked Nocerina's direct relegation after only one season following a defeat at the hands of newly crowned champions Pescara, whereas Vicenza and Empoli will play a two-legged relegation playoff to determine the fourth team destined to go down to Lega Pro Prima Divisione.

League table

1.^ Juve Stabia was docked 4 points: 1 point due to financial irregularities and 3 points (originally 5 points, reduced to 3 in appeal) for match fixing with Sorrento. 2.^ Bari was docked 6 points due to financial irregularities. 3.^ Crotone was docked 2 points due to financial irregularities. 4.^ Ascoli was docked 7 points: 4 points due to financial irregularities and 3 points (originally 6 points, reduced to 3 in appeal) due to the 2011 Italian football scandal. 5.^ Vicenza remained in the league for the relegation of Lecce due to a 2011–12 Italian football scandal.


Updated to games played on 26 May 2012.
Source: Serie bwin 2011 - 2012
^ The home team is listed in the left-hand column.
Colours: Blue = home team win; Yellow = draw; Red = away team win.
For coming matches, an a indicates there is an article about the match.


  • In case of an aggregate tie, the higher seed advances.
  • First legs will be played on 30 May 2012; return legs on 2 June 2012 Finals
  • In case of an aggregate tie, the higher seed advances.
  • First leg played 6 June 2012; return leg played 9 June 2012

    Sampdoria promoted to Serie A.


    First leg played on 3 June 2012; return leg played on 8 June 2012
  • In case of an aggregate tie, the higher seed advances.
  • Vicenza is relegated to Lega Pro Prima Divisione.

    Top goalscorers

    Updated 21 May 2012

    28 goals
  • Ciro Immobile (Pescara)
  • 21 goals
  • Marco Sau (Juve Stabia)
  • 20 goals
  • Ferdinando Sforzini (Grosseto)
  • Gianluca Sansone (Sassuolo)
  • Gonzalo Diego (Empoli)
  • 19 goals
  • Francesco Tavano (Empoli)
  • 18 goals
  • Lorenzo Insigne (Pescara)
  • 17 goals
  • Caetano (Crotone)
  • 16 goals
  • Jonathas (Brescia)
  • Marco Sansovini (Pescara)
  • 15 goals
  • Nicola Pozzi (Sampdoria)
  • Papa Waigo (Ascoli)
  • 14 goals
  • Juanito (Verona)
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