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1st Scottish Parliament

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Meeting place  General Assembly
Members  129
Election  1999
Presiding Officer  David Steel
1st Scottish Parliament
Jurisdiction  Scotland, United Kingdom
Government  Dewar government McLeish government First McConnell government

This is a list of members (MSPs) returned to the first Scottish Parliament at the 1999 election. Of the 129 members, 73 were elected from first past the post constituencies with a further 56 members being returned from eight regions, each electing seven MSPs as a form of mixed member proportional representation .


The 1999 election produced a hung parliament, with the Labour MSPs forming the largest minority. Consequently, they formed a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats to form the first Scottish Executive.


Government coalition parties denoted with bullets (•)

Graphical representation

This is a graphical comparison of party strengths in the 1st session of the Scottish Parliament at the time of its dissolution in April 2003.

  • Note this is not the official seating plan of the Scottish Parliament.
  • List of MSPs

    This is a list of MSPs at dissolution. For a list of MSPs elected in the 1999 election, see here. The changes table below records all changes in party affiliation during the session.


    During the 1999 to 2003 period there were one death and three resignations amongst constituency MSPs, and replacement MSPs were elected in by-elections. Also there was one resignation amongst the additional member MSPs, with that MSP being replaced by the candidate who was next on the additional members list at the time of the 1999 election.


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