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1998 MIAT Mongolian Airlines crash

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Passengers  26
Survivors  0
Date  26 May 1998
Total fatalities  28 (all)
Passenger count  26
Crew  2
Aircraft type  Harbin Y-12
Operator  MIAT Mongolian Airlines
Survivor  0
Location  Orkhon Province
1998 MIAT Mongolian Airlines crash httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Summary  Controlled flight into terrain possibly caused by overloading
Site  near Erdenet, Orkhon, Mongolia
Similar  1998 Occidental Petroleu, Myanma Airways Flight 635, Olympic Airways Flight 417, 1998 Ariana Afghan Ai, PauknAir Flight 4101

The 1998 MIAT Mongolian Airlines crash was a domestic flight that crashed on 26 May 1998, killing all on board. The flight departed Erdenet Airport at approximately 09:17am on a flight to Mörön with 26 passengers and 2 crew. Whilst the plane was climbing to cruising altitude, approximately 13 minutes after departure, it struck the top of a 6,500 ft mountain killing all passengers and crew. Of the 26 passengers, 14 were adults and 12 were children.

The aircraft

The Harbin Y-12, registration JU-1017 (cn 0064), first flew in 1992 and was flying for MIAT Mongolian Airlines until the fatal flight. The aircraft was designed to hold only 17 passengers, not 26.


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