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1992 (TV series)

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Starring  See actors
Original language(s)  Italian
Country of origin  Italy
No. of seasons  1-in production
1992 (TV series)
Genre  Drama Political drama Political thriller
Created by  Stefano Accorsi Alessandro Fabbri Ludovica Rampoldi Stefano Sardo

1992 is an Italian political drama television series created by Alessandro Fabbri, Ludovica Rampoldi, Stefano Sardo and based on an idea by Stefano Accorsi. The first season, comprising ten episodes, premiered on March 24, 2015, on pay-tv Sky Italia channels Sky Atlantic and Sky Cinema 1.


Set in Rome, Milan and different Italian cities, the TV series offers a thrilling story following six people whose lives are intertwined with the rapidly changing political landscape in the early 1990s, during which Italy was gripped by the Clean Hands investigation into political corruption. Subsequently, this led to the end of the "First Republic" as well as the termination of several Italian political parties, who created the Italian democratic system after WWII. This controversial period in Italy resulted in the suicide of various political figures.

The series has been compared to House of Cards, The Sopranos, and The West Wing.

Season 1 (2015)

In the winter of 1991-92, the political change is blowing in Italy. The year of the Clean Hands has begun, a major criminal investigation set up by the Milan District Attorney. Leonardo Notte (Stefano Accorsi) is the pivotal point in this intricate power-play, a slick, brilliant advertising man who believes only in himself, and who'll be in the front row when a new savior steps into the arena.

The biggest fish caught so far is Michele Mainaghi (Tommaso Ragno), a mighty Milanese entrepreneur whose pharmaceutical firm sold tainted blood that infected many innocent citizens. This is how Luca Pastore (Domenico Diele) contracted AIDS. The young cop, part of the Mani Pulite team led by Antonio di Pietro, now seeks revenge and goes on to meet Rocco Venturi (Alessandro Roja) another police officer with a dark side. The married man Mainaghi has another problem: his ravishingly beautiful mistress Veronica Castello (Miriam Leone), who wants a career on national TV. After he falls out of grace, she falls back on her one-time lover Leonardo Notte, who is haunted by a secret from his past. Bibi Mainaghi (Tea Falco) is the spoiled daughter of a wealthy industrial tycoon at the center of the country’s system of corrupt political and business cronies.

In this simmering cauldron of corruption, one apparently upright person is on the rise, Pietro Bosco (Guido Caprino), a Gulf War veteran, a solid mass of rough-hewn man endowed less with brains than with brawn: he leaps into a fight and saves the life of a man who turns out to be one of the leaders of the new party Lega Nord. Before anyone notices, Pietro becomes the Lega Nord's poster-boy for bravery and a candidate for Parliament. Not only that: the beautiful Veronica believes he could be useful to boost her TV career, but falls in love with him, and the two begin planning a life together. But this togetherness has a price, and Pietro has to betray his friends and his convictions if he wants to continue his political career and, most of all, build a family with Veronica.

Main cast and characters

  • Stefano Accorsi as Leonardo Notte, a marketing man with a murky past, coming back to haunt him just as 1992’s events seem to bring about the professional chance of a lifetime. Anonymous blackmail forces Leo to confront a morbid episode in his past that he had surgically removed from his memory. His glitzy, no-strings-attached lifestyle is turned upside down by the appearance of Viola, his hitherto unknown teenage daughter. As Leo tries to free himself from the shadows of the past, he stumbles into a revolutionary idea that could shape the future of his trade - and his own.
  • Guido Caprino as Pietro Bosco, a 33-year-old veteran of the Gulf war, finds himself elected in the Italian parliament, with the rising Lega Nord party. A gregarious rugby lover and beer drinker, he turns out to be the ultimate fish out of water in the hidebond Parlamento, a world he is totally alien to. His only chances lie in finding the right mentor; thus, Pietro will put his career in the hands of a seasoned politician who will show him the ropes - certainly, at a price.
  • Domenico Diele as Luca Pastore, a judicial police officer, works side by side with maverick prosecutor Antonio Di Pietro. Motivated by a personal quest for revenge, he is hard at work to solve the Tangentopoli conundrum. Investigations, arrests, interrogations. Under pressure and under menace. Because strong headwinds are blowing, and not just from outside the prosecutors’ offices.
  • Tea Falco as Beatrice "Bibi" Mainaghi. Daughter of the aforementioned tycoon, is the black sheep in a power dynasty, but her life will take a new, radically unexpected turn in the wake of Tangentopoli.
  • Miriam Leone as Veronica Castello, a showgirl on the fast track to fame. She needs it, physically, and is out to get it at all costs: the unconditional love of a prime time audience is the only viable conduit for her self-esteem. As the lover she has picked, powerful tycoon Michele Mainaghi, goes under in the investigations, Veronica briefly finds herself at a loss, then starts the search for a new, powerful pigmalione t position in the pecking order of the new powers that be.
  • Alessandro Roja as Rocco Venturi, a young Roman police officer, also joining Antonio Di Pietro’s team of investigators. A sly look and his trademark fast talk would seem to put him as a natural leader in that team, but he will turn out to hide a totally different truth behind his gung-ho mask.
  • Other characters:

  • Irene Casagrande as Viola Notte
  • Teco Celio as Gianni Bortolotti
  • Fabrizio Contri as Marcello Dell'Utri
  • Antonio Gerardi as Antonio Di Pietro
  • Gianfelice Imparato as Gaetano Nobile
  • Bebo Storti as Enrico Lodato
  • Elena Radonicich as Giulia Castello
  • Tommaso Ragno as Michele Mainaghi
  • Foreign countries

    As of March 24, 2015 1992 was also being broadcast in Austria, United Kingdom, Germany and Ireland. The TV series will be distributed in France, Spain and Scandinavia coming soon. In May 2016 the Belgian channel Canvas (VRT) broadcast the series.


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