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1974 All Big Ten Conference football team

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1974 All-Big Ten Conference football team

The 1974 All-Big Ten Conference football team consists of American football players chosen by various organizations for All-Big Ten Conference teams for the 1974 NCAA Division I football season. The teams selected by the Big Ten coaches for the United Press International (UPI) were led by Ohio State with nine first-team selections. Michigan placed five players on the coaches' All-Big Ten first team. Running back Archie Griffin, who won his first Heisman Trophy in 1974, was the only player unanimously selected by the coaches as a first-team All-Big Ten player.



  • Cornelius Greene, Ohio State (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Dennis Franklin, Michigan (AP-2; UPI-2)
  • Running backs

  • Archie Griffin, Ohio State (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Billy Marek, Wisconsin (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Courtney Snyder, Indiana (AP-1; UPI-2)
  • Levi Jackson, Michigan State (UPI-1)
  • Gordon Bell, Michigan (AP-2; UPI-2)
  • Jim Pooler, Northwestern (AP-2)
  • Rick Upchurch, Minnesota (AP-2)
  • Gil Chapman, Michigan (UPI-2)
  • Ends/receivers

  • Larry Burton, Purdue (AP-1 [end]; UPI-1 [wide receiver])
  • Doug France, Ohio State (AP-1 [end]; UPI-2 [tight end])
  • Jack Novak, Wisconsin (UPI-1 [tight end])
  • Brian Baschnagel, Ohio State (UPI-2 [wide receiver])
  • Jack Novak, Wisconsin (AP-2 [end])
  • Steve Yelvington, Northwestern (AP-2 [end])
  • Tackles

  • Dennis Lick, Wisconsin (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Kurt Schumacher, Ohio State (AP-2; UPI-1)
  • Paul Hiemenz, Northwestern (AP-1; UPI-2)
  • Steve King, Michigan (AP-2)
  • Guards

  • Ralph Perretta, Purdue (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Dick Mack, Ohio State (UPI-1)
  • Terry Stieve, Wisconsin (AP-2; UPI-2)
  • Revie Sorey, Illinois (AP-2)
  • Joe Devlin, Iowa (UPI-2)
  • Centers

  • Steve Myers, Ohio State (AP-1 [guard]; UPI-1)
  • Dennis Franks, Michigan (AP-1; UPI-2)
  • Charles Ane, Michigan State (AP-2)
  • Linemen

  • Pete Cusick, Ohio State (AP-1 [front 5]; UPI-1 [def. tackle])
  • Tim Davis, Michigan (AP-1 [front 5]; UPI-1 [middle guard])
  • Otto Smith, Michigan State (AP-1 [front 5]; UPI-1 [def. end])
  • James Taubert, Michigan State (AP-2 [front 5]; UPI-1 [def. tackle])
  • Van DeCree, Ohio State (AP-2 [front 5]; UPI-1 [def. end])
  • Dan Jilek, Michigan (UPI-1 [def. end])
  • Ken Novak, Purdue (AP-1 [front 5])
  • Jeff Perlinger, Michigan (AP-1 [front 5])
  • Greg Schaum, Michigan State (AP-2 [front 5]; UPI-2 [def. tackle])
  • Keith Simons, Minnesota (AP-2 [front 5]; UPI-2 [def. tackle])
  • Jim Cope, Ohio State (UPI-2 [def. end])
  • Arnie Jones, Ohio State (UPI-2 [middle guard])
  • Lynn Heil, Iowa (AP-2 [front 5])
  • Linebackers

  • Terrence, McClowry, Michigan State (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Steve Strinko, Michigan (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Tom Hicks, Illinois (AP-1; UPI-2)
  • Ollie Bakken, Minnesota (UPI-2)
  • Bruce Elia, Ohio State (AP-2)
  • Rick Jakious, Wisconsin (AP-2)
  • Donnie Thomas, Indiana (AP-2)
  • Defensive backs

  • Dave Brown, Michigan (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Neal Colzie, Ohio State (AP-1; UPI-1)
  • Don Dufek, Michigan (AP-2; UPI-1)
  • Earl Douthitt, Iowa (AP-1; UPI-2)
  • Steve Luke, Ohio State (UPI-1)
  • Mike Gow, Illinois (AP-2; UPI-2)
  • Fred Cooper, Purdue (UPI-2)
  • Tom Graves, Michigan State (AP-2)
  • Key

    Associated Press

    UPI = United Press International, selected by the Big Ten Conference coaches

    Bold = Consensus first-team selection of both the AP and UPI


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