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1928 in poetry

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1928 in poetry

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  • September 21 – The Gorseth Kernow is set up at Boscawen-Un in Cornwall by Henry Jenner ("Gwas Myghal") and others.
  • November 6 – Xu Zhimo writes his poem 再別康橋 (simplified Chinese 再别康桥, Zài Bié Kāngqiáo, "On Leaving Cambridge Once More").
  • Russian poets Daniil Kharms and Alexander Vvedensky found OBERIU (a Russian acronym for "An Association of Real Art"), an avant-garde grouping of Russian post-Futurist poets in the 1920s-1930s
  • American poets Charles Reznikoff, George Oppen and Louis Zukofsky meet in New York City; they will become some of the founders of the Objectivist poets group.
  • The clerihew, the comic pseudo-biographical verse form associated with Edmund Clerihew Bentley, is mentioned in print for the first time.
  • Canada

  • Dorothy Livesay, Green Pitcher. Toronto: Macmillan.
  • Seranus, Later Poems and New Villanelles (Toronto: Ryerson).
  • Arthur Stringer, A Woman At Dusk and Other Poems. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill.
  • India, in English

  • V. N. Bhusan, Silhouettes, Masulpatam: Youth of Asia Society; India, Indian poetry in English
  • Joseph Furtado, A Goan Fiddler
  • Shyam Sunder Lal Chordia, Chitor and Other Poems, Bombay: D. B. Taraporevala Sons and Co.
  • United Kingdom

  • Rupert Brooke, Collected Poems, see also 1946
  • Roy Campbell, The Wayzgoose, a lampoon, in rhyming couplets, on the cultural shortcomings of South Africa; South African native published in the United Kingdom, and at this time living there
  • W. H. Davies, Collected Poems
  • T. S. Eliot:
  • "Perch' Io non Spero" (later to become part I of Ash-Wednesday, published in 1930) was published in the Spring, 1928 issue of Commerce along with a French translation.
  • A Song for Simeon printed in September by Faber & Gwyer as part of its Ariel poems series.
  • H. S. Milford, editor, The Oxford Book of English Verse of the Romantic Period, 1798-1837: 1798-1837, Clarndon Press, anthology
  • Thomas Hardy, Winter Words in Various Moods and Metres, (posthumous)
  • D. H. Lawrence, Collected Poems
  • John Masefield, Midsummer Night, and Other Tales in Verse
  • Laura Riding, Love as Love, Death as Death
  • Siegfried Sassoon, The Heart's Journey
  • A. J. A. Symons, An Anthology of 'Nineties' Verse
  • Humbert Wolfe:
  • The Silver Cat, and Other Poems
  • This Blind Rose
  • W.B. Yeats, Irish poet published in the United Kingdom):
  • The Tower, including "Sailing to Byzantium" and "Leda and the Swan", Irish
  • The Death of Synge, and Other Passages from an Old Diary (poetry)
  • United States

  • W. H. Auden, Poems
  • Stephen Vincent Benét, John Brown's Body
  • E. E. Cummings, Christmas Tree
  • John Gould Fletcher, The Black Rock
  • Robert Frost, West-Running Brook
  • Robert Hillyer, The Seventh Hill
  • Robinson Jeffers, Cawdor and Other Poems
  • William Ellery Leonard, A Son of Earth
  • Archibald MacLeish, The Hamlet of A. MacLeish
  • Edgar Lee Masters, Jack Kelso: A Dramatic Poem
  • Joseph Moncure March, "The Wild Party"
  • Edna St. Vincent Millay, The Buck in the Snow
  • Dorothy Parker, Sunset Gun
  • Ezra Pound:
  • Selected Poems, edited by T. S. Eliot, London, American poet living in Europe
  • A Draft of the Cantos 17–27
  • Edward Arlington Robinson, Sonnets, 1889–1927
  • Carl Sandburg, Good Morning, America
  • Allen Tate, Mr. Pope and Other Poems, including "Ode to the Confederate Dead"
  • Amos Wilder, Arachne: poems, Yale University Press
  • Elinor Wylie, Trivial Breath
  • Louis Zukofsky completes the original versions of "A" 1, 2, 3 and 4, which have been compared to Pound's Cantos; the fragmentary long poem will be a lifelong project
  • Other in English

  • John Le Gay Brereton, Swags Up, Australia
  • Roy Campbell, The Wayzgoose: A South African Satire, South Africa
  • W.B. Yeats, Irish poet published in the United Kingdom:
  • The Tower, including "Sailing to Byzantium" and "Leda and the Swan", Irish
  • The Death of Synge, and Other Passages from an Old Diary (poetry)
  • France

  • René Char, Les Cloches sur le coeur
  • Léon-Paul Fargue:
  • Banalité
  • Vulturne
  • Francis Jammes, Diane
  • Pierre Jean Jouve, Les Noces
  • Alphonse Métérié, Nocturnes
  • Benjamin Péret, Le grand jeu
  • Pierre Reverdy, La Balle au bond
  • Tristan Tzara, pen name of Sami Rosenstock, Indicateur des chemins de coeur
  • Indian subcontinent

    Including all of the British colonies that later became India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Listed alphabetically by first name, regardless of surname:

  • Cherian Mappila, also known as "Cheriyan Mappila", Shri Yesu Vijayam (also spelled "Sriyesuvijayam"), long poem about the life of Jesus, India, Malayalam language; a poem on a Christian theme; called the first major contribution to Indian literature by a Christian poet
  • Nalini Bala Devi, Sandhiyar Sur, Assamese
  • Peer Ghulam Mohammad Hanafi, Bagh-O Bahar, tales in verse in the Kashmiri language, derived from Urdu tales
  • Sri Sri, Prabhava, Telugu
  • Vakil Ghulam Ahmad Shah Qureshi, Pani Gulzar, Kashmiri
  • Spain

  • Vicente Aleixandre, Ambito ("Milieu"), the author's first book of poems
  • Federico García Lorca, Primer romancero gitano ("Gypsy Ballads")
  • Jorge Guillén, Cántico, first edition, with 75 poems in five sections (enlarged edition, with 125 poems, 1936)
  • Other in Spanish

  • Martín Adan, La case de cartón, a novel in verse, Peru
  • Nellie Campobello, Yo, Mexico
  • José Varallanos, El hombre del Ande que asesinó su esperanza, Peru
  • Other languages

  • Nérée Beauchemin, Patrie intime; French language;, Canada
  • Aaro Hellaakoski, Jääpeili, Finland
  • Stefan George, Das neue Reich ("The New Reich"); German
  • Eugenio Montale, Ossi di seppia ("Cuttlefish Bones"), second edition, with six new poems and an introduction by Alfredo Gargiulo (first published in 1925; third edition, 1931), Lanciano: Carabba; Italy
  • Takahashi Shinkichi, Takahashi Shinkichi shishu ("Poetical Works by Takahashi Shinkichi"), Tokyo: Nanso Shoin, Japan (Surname: Takahashi)
  • Awards and honors

  • Pulitzer Prize for Poetry: Edwin Arlington Robinson wins his third Pulitzer Prize for Poetry this decade, this time for Tristram
  • Births

    Death years link to the corresponding "[year] in poetry" article:

  • January 1 – Iain Crichton Smith (died 1998), Scot writing poetry, short stories and novels in both English and Scottish Gaelic
  • January 10 – Philip Levine (died 2015), American poet, educator and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry
  • February 2 – Cynthia Macdonald, American
  • February 14 – Bruce Beaver (died 2004). Australian poet
  • March 4 – Alan Sillitoe, English poet and writer and one of the "Angry Young Men" of the 1950s
  • March 28 – Vayalar Rama Varma (died 1975), Indian, Malayalam-language poet and film songwriter
  • April 4 – Maya Angelou (died 2014), African-American poet
  • April 7 – Gael Turnbull (died 2004), Scottish poet
  • May 4 – Thomas Kinsella, Irish poet, translator, editor and publisher
  • June 27 – Peter Davison (died 2004), American poet, essayist, teacher, lecturer, editor, and publisher
  • July 4 – Ted Joans (died 2003) African-American trumpeter, jazz poet and painter
  • September 20
  • Alberto de Lacerda (died 2007), Mozambique-born Portuguese poet
  • Donald Hall, American poet and the U.S. Poet Laureate
  • September 22 – Irving Feldman, American poet and educator
  • September 22 – Édouard Glissant (died 2011), French-Martiniquan poet and writer.
  • November 9 – Anne Sexton (died 1974), American poet and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1967
  • December 10 – Milan Rufus (died 2009), Slovak poet and academic
  • December 15 – William Dickey (died 1994), American
  • Also:
  • Carol Bergé (died 2006), American
  • R. F. Brissenden
  • Dave Etter, American
  • Gene Frumkin (died 2007), American
  • Conrad Hilberry (died 2017), American
  • Hertha Kraftner (died 1951), German
  • Lo Fu (poet) (Luo Fu) (pen name of Mo Luofu), Chinese poet, writer and translator
  • Deaths

    Death years link to the corresponding "[year] in poetry" article:

  • January 11 – Thomas Hardy (born 1840), English novelist and poet
  • February 5 – David McKee Wright (born 1869), Irish-born poet and journalist, active in New Zealand and Australia
  • February 19 – Ina Coolbrith (born 1841), American poet, writer and librarian
  • March 18 – Paul van Ostaijen (born 1896), Belgian poet
  • March 24 – Charlotte Mew (born 1869), English poet, from suicide
  • May 16 – Edmund Gosse (born 1849), English poet and critic
  • July 20 – Kostas Karyotakis (born 1896), Greek poet
  • August 16 – Antonín Sova (born 1864), Czech poet and librarian
  • September 17 – Bokusui Wakayama, 若山 牧水 (born 1885), Japanese "Naturalist" tanka poet
  • December 16 – Elinor Wylie (born 1885), American poet and novelist
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