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1877 in rail transport

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1877 in rail transport

This article lists events related to rail transport that occurred in 1877.


May events

  • May 1 – Opening of first railway in Burma (Myanmar), from Rangoon (Yangon) to Prome (Pyay) (257 km (160 mi) of metre gauge).
  • July events

  • July 14 – Workers on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad walk off their jobs in an act that is seen as the start of the great railroad strike of 1877.
  • July 16 – Railroad workers on strike in Martinsburg, West Virginia, derail and loot a train; United States President Rutherford B. Hayes calls in Federal troops to break the strike.
  • July 19 – The New York and Manhattan Beach Railway (later absorbed by the Long Island Rail Road) opens.
  • July 20 – Baltimore and Ohio Railroad workers riot in Baltimore, Maryland. Nine railroad employees are killed as the Maryland militia attempts to quell the riot.
  • July 21 – Baltimore and Ohio Railroad workers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, stage a sympathy strike for the workers killed in Baltimore, Maryland the day before. Rioting erupts throughout Pittsburgh as a result.
  • July 24 – Joel Tiffany is awarded U.S. Patent 193,357 for his design of the first successful refrigerator car.
  • August events

  • August 31 – The first 2 ft (610 mm) gauge narrow gauge railroad in America, the Billerica and Bedford Railroad, begins operations.
  • November events

  • November 4 – Opening of Gustave Eiffel's Maria Pia Bridge carrying the railway across the Douro into Porto, Portugal.
  • December events

  • December 27 – The Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa and Occidental Railway opens, traversing a route from Montreal through Lachute to Hull.
  • Unknown date events

  • Tracks of the Southern Pacific Railroad from Los Angeles, cross the Colorado River at Yuma, Arizona.
  • William Henry Vanderbilt, son of Cornelius Vanderbilt, is promoted to President of the New York Central system.
  • Second railway in Estonia connecting Tapa (on the Tallinn–Saint Petersburg line) with Tartu, the biggest city in Southern Estonia (at this time in the Governorate of Livonia) is opened.
  • Approximate date – Ephraim Shay develops the first Shay locomotive.
  • March births

  • March 7 – Walter Kidde, president of New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway 1937–1943 (d. 1943).
  • Unknown date births

  • Edgar Alcock, general manager and chairman of Hunslet Engine Company of Leeds, England (d. 1951).
  • January deaths

  • January 4 – Cornelius Vanderbilt, American financier who created the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad from the merger of several smaller New York railroads (b. 1794).
  • April deaths

  • April 22 – James P. Kirkwood, designer of Starrucca Viaduct (b. 1807).
  • August deaths

  • August 3 – William Butler Ogden, president of the Chicago and North Western Railway (b. 1805).
  • September deaths

  • September 2 – Alvin Adams, founder of Adams Express, one of the first LCL freight companies in the United States, dies (b. 1804).
  • Unknown date deaths

  • Oliver Ames, Jr., president of Union Pacific Railroad 1866–1871, brother of Oakes Ames (b. 1807).
  • Matthew Baird, second owner of Baldwin Locomotive Works (b. 1817).
  • Jean-Jacques Meyer, French-born steam locomotive designer (b. 1804)
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