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1858 Hietsu earthquake

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Magnitude  7.1
Date  9 April 1858
Areas affected  Japan
Number of casualties  426
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The Hietsu earthquake (飛越地震, Hietsu jishin) took place on April 9, 1858 (according to the old Japanese calendar, February 26, Ansei 5). It occurred on the Atotsugawa Fault, which connects the Amō Pass in Gifu Prefecture (in the part that was called Hida Province) and Mount Tate in Toyama Prefecture (then known as Etchū Province) on the island of Honshū in Japan. Its name includes one kanji from Hida (飛騨国) and one from Etchū (越中国). The earthquake is estimated to have killed 200–300 people. It also caused the Mount Tombi Landslide and blocked the upper reaches of the Jōganji River.


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