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1855 in poetry

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1855 in poetry

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  • June 12 – Gaisford Prize founded
  • September 27 – Alfred Tennyson reads from his new book Maud and other poems at a social gathering in the home of Robert and Elizabeth Browning in London; Dante Gabriel Rossetti makes a sketch of him doing so
  • Canada

  • Charles Heavysege:
  • The Revolt of Tartarus, a poem in six parts (Montreal)
  • Sonnets (Montreal: H. & G.M. Rose)
  • United Kingdom

  • William Allingham, The Music-Master, illustrated by Arthur Hughes, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and John Everett Millais
  • Matthew Arnold, Poems, Second Series (see also Poems 1853) including Balder Dead
  • Philip James Bailey, The Mystic, and Other Poems (see also Festus 1839)
  • William Cox Bennett:
  • Anti-Maud, "by a poet of the people"; parody of Alfred Lord Tennyson's Maud (see below)
  • War Songs
  • Robert Browning, Men and Women, including Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came
  • Edward Bulwer-Lytton, writing under the pen name "Owen Meredith", Clytemnestra; The Earl's Return; The Artist, and Other Poems
  • Thomas Campbell, The Pleasures of Hope, with Other Poems (first published 1799), illustrated by Birket Foster, George Housman Thomas and Harrison Weir
  • Sydney Dobell, writing under the pen name "S. Yendeys", and Alexander Smith, Sonnets on the War
  • Leigh Hunt, Stories in Verse, a collection of his narrative poems, original and translated
  • George MacDonald, Within and Without, the author's first published book
  • Louisa Shore, War Lyrics
  • Alfred Tennyson, Maud and other poems, including The Charge of the Light Brigade (first published in a periodical in 1854), Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington 1852 (see also William Cox Bennett's Anti-Maud parody, above)
  • Catherine Winkworth, Lyra Germanica, first series, a popular translation of Versuch eines allgemeinen evangelischen Gesang- und Gebetbuchs by Christian Karl Josias, Freiherr von Busen (second series published in 1858)
  • United States

  • Thomas Bailey Aldrich, The Bells: A Collection of Chimes
  • Augustine Joseph Hickey Duganne, Poetical Works, posthumously published
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The Song of Hiawatha, a very popular poem, often satirized from within days of its publication through the 20th century
  • Bayard Taylor:
  • Poems of the Orient
  • Poems of Home and Travel
  • Lucy Terry, first known African American poet, "Bars Fight, August 28, 1746", a ballad, posthumously published
  • Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass, the first edition, July 4; Whitman would make many revisions in succeeding editions
  • Other

  • Christian Winther, Hjortens Flugt ("The Flight of the Hart"); Denmark
  • Births

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  • May 1 – Marie Corelli (Mary Mackay) (died 1924), English novelist
  • May 21 – Emile Verhaeren (died 1916), Belgian French
  • August 3 – Henry Cuyler Bunner (died 1896), American
  • September 12 – William Sharp (died 1905), Scottish poet writing as "Fiona Macleod"
  • December 15 – Maurice Bouchor (died 1929), French
  • December 28 – Juan Zorrilla de San Martín (died 1931), Uruguayan
  • Date not known:
  • Devendranath Sen (died 1920), Indian, Bengali-language poet
  • Govardhanram N. Tripathi (died 1907), Indian, Gujarati-language novelist and poet
  • Alexander Young, Scottish
  • Deaths

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  • January 3 – János Majláth (born 1786), Hungarian
  • January 10 – Mary Russell Mitford (born 1787), English writer
  • January 25 – Dorothy Wordsworth (born 1771), English diarist and companion to her brother William
  • January 26 – Gérard de Nerval (born 1808), French
  • March 31 – Charlotte Brontë (born 1816), English novelist and poet
  • April 6 – Robert Davidson (born 1778), Scottish peasant poet
  • June 29 – Delphine de Girardin (born 1804), French writer
  • November 26 – Adam Mickiewicz (born 1798), Polish Romantic, died in Istanbul while organizing Polish and Jewish volunteers to fight against Russia in the Crimean War
  • December 3 – Robert Montgomery (born 1807), English
  • December 18 – Samuel Rogers (born 1763, English
  • Date not known
  • Mahmud Gami (born 1765), Indian, Kashmiri
  • Sunthorn Phu (born 1786), Thai
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