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1852 in architecture

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1852 in architecture

The year 1852 in architecture involved some significant architectural events and new buildings.



  • February - Augustus Pugin suffers a breakdown and is admitted to a private asylum, Kensington House, London, days after designing the clock tower for the Palace of Westminster.
  • June - Augustus Pugin is transferred to the Royal Bethlem Hospital.
  • date unknown - Thomas M. Penson restores a house at 22 Eastgate Street, Chester, England, in black-and-white Revival style.
  • Buildings completed

  • January 1 - Battle railway station, East Sussex (England), designed by William Tress, is opened.
  • February 3 - The House of Commons of the United Kingdom in the Palace of Westminster, London (England) designed by Charles Barry and Augustus Pugin, is opened.
  • May 15 - Teatro Comunale Alighieri in Ravenna, designed by Tommaso and Giambattista Meduna, is opened.
  • October 14 - London King's Cross railway station, designed by Lewis Cubitt, is opened.
  • Helsinki Cathedral, Finland, designed by Carl Ludvig Engel, is completed.
  • Chapel of St Edmund's College, Ware, England, designed by Augustus Pugin in 1845, is completed.
  • Rolle Mausoleum, Bicton, Devon, England, reconstructed by Augustus Pugin, is completed.
  • Siegestor (Victory Gate) in Munich, Bavaria, designed by Friedrich von Gärtner, is completed by Eduard Mezger.
  • Åmodt bro suspension bridge, Oslo, Norway.
  • Philippi Covered Bridge, West Virginia, United States.
  • Awards

  • Royal Gold Medal - Leo von Klenze.
  • Grand Prix de Rome, architecture - P.R.L. Ginain.
  • Births

  • June 25 - Antoni Gaudí, Catalan Modernist architect (died 1926)
  • July 4 - E. S. Prior, English Arts and Crafts architect and theorist (died 1932)
  • Deaths

  • May 7 - James Savage, English architect (born 1779; buried in his St Luke's Church, Chelsea)
  • May 8 - Giuseppe Jappelli, Italian neoclassical architect and engineer (born 1783)
  • July 5 - Matthew Habershon, English architect (born 1789)
  • September 14 - Augustus Pugin, English architect, designer, artist and critic (born 1812; "convulsions followed by coma")
  • References

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