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1680 in art

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1680 in art

Events from the year 1680 in art.



  • Following the death of Sir Peter Lely, Godfrey Kneller is appointed Principal Painter to the Crown by King Charles II of England.
  • Paintings

  • Pedro Nuñez de Villavicencio - Fallen Apple Basket (Museum of Fine Arts (Budapest))
  • Godfrey Kneller - Black Page Boy (Charlecote Park, England)
  • Gerard ter Borch - Young Man Reading a Book (approximate date)
  • Births

  • January 3 - Johann Baptist Zimmermann, German painter and stucco plasterer (died 1758)
  • March 23 - Juan Ramírez Mejandre, Spanish Baroque sculptor (died 1739)
  • date unknown
  • Juan Antonio García de Bouzas, Spanish painter of the Baroque period (died 1755)
  • Francisco Bustamante, Spanish painter (died 1737)
  • Leonardo Coccorante, Italian painter especially of large, highly detailed landscapes with imaginary classical architectural ruins (died 1750)
  • Lorenzo De Ferrari, Italian painter (died 1744)
  • Giuseppe Gambarini, Italian painter of frescoes (died 1725)
  • Carlo Antonio Rambaldi, Italian painter of the Baroque period (died 1717)
  • Girolamo Rossi, Italian engraver of the late-Baroque (d. unknown)
  • Carlo Salis, Italian painter, born in Verona (died 1763)
  • Pier Lorenzo Spoleti, Italian painter of portrait painting and reproductions of master paintings (died 1726)
  • Maria Verelst, Dutch miniature and portrait painter (died 1744)
  • Candido Vitali, Italian painter of still lifes of animals, birds, flower, and fruit (died 1753)
  • probable
  • Maurice Baquoy, French engraver (died 1747)
  • Francesco Boccaccino, Italian painter, born at Cremona (died 1750)
  • Domenico Bocciardo, Italian painter, active in Genoa (died 1746)
  • Charles Collins, Irish painter primarily of animals and still-life (died 1744)
  • Sebastiano Conca, Italian painter (died 1764)
  • Jean-Baptiste Gilles, French painter of portraits in miniature and water-colours (died 1762)
  • Gaetano Martoriello, Italian painter of marine vedute and landscapes (died 1733)
  • Deaths

  • February – Willem Drost, Netherlands painter (born 1630)
  • August 24 – Ferdinand Bol, Dutch artist, etcher, and draftsman (born 1616)
  • October 4 – Jacobus Mancadan, Dutch Golden Age painter mostly known for his pastoral landscapes (born 1602)
  • November 28
  • Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Italian sculptor/architect/painter (born 1598)
  • Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi, Italian architect and painter (born 1606)
  • November 30 – Sir Peter Lely, English painter (born 1618)
  • date unknown
  • Juan de Alfaro y Gamez, Spanish painter of the Baroque (born 1643)
  • Nicolas Baudesson, French flower painter (born 1611)
  • Girolamo Bonini, Italian painter, active mainly in Bologna (born unknown)
  • Hendrick Danckerts, Dutch painter and engraver (born 1625)
  • Angelo Everardi, Italian painter of battle scenes (born 1647)
  • Adriano Palladino, Italian painter born and active in Cortona (born 1610)
  • Francesco Quaini, Italian painter of quadratura (born 1611)
  • Luigi Pellegrini Scaramuccia, Italian painter and artist biographer (born 1616)
  • Wang Shimin – Chinese landscape painter during the Ch'ing Dynasty (born 1592)
  • probable
  • Willem Claeszoon Heda, Dutch still life painter (born 1594)
  • Giovanni Fulco, Italian painter excelling particularly in the representation of children (born 1615)
  • References

    1680 in art Wikipedia

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