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1080s BC

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The 1080s BC witnessed the early years of the Iron Age. Many of the great powers of the High Bronze Age in the Western Mediterranean had either collapsed or been severely weakened. It was during this time that previously minor powers, those being the Assyrian empire based in Mesopotamia and the Israelites and Phoenicians based in the Levant, began to emerge.


  • Iron Age continues
  • 1089 BC—Melanthus, legendary King of Athens, dies after a reign of 37 years and is succeeded by his son Codrus.
  • Early 1080s BC- Herihor, the high-priest of Amon, usurps Ramesses XI's authority, becoming the de facto ruler of Upper Egypt.
  • 1082 BC- Babylonia suffers from a severe famine.
  • c.1081 BC- Herihor dies.
  • Early phase of transition from New Kingdom Period to Third Intermediate Period in Egypt continues.
  • Significant people

  • Tiglath-Pileser I, King of Assyria, r. c.1114–1076 BC
  • Melanthus, Legendary King of Athens, r. c.1126–1089 BC.
  • Codrus, Legendary King of Athens, r. c.1089–1068 BC
  • Marduk-nadin-ahhe, King of Babylon, r. 1100–1082 BC
  • Marduk-shapik-zeri, King of Babylon, r. 1082–1069 BC
  • Di Yi, Shang dynasty king of China, r. c.1101–1076 BC
  • Ramesses XI, Pharaoh of Egypt, r. 1107–1077 BC
  • Herihor, High priest of Amon
  • Eli, Judge of Ancient Israel
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