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Year 1057 (MLVII) was a common year starting on Wednesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • The Banu Hilal take Kairouan. The Zirid dynasty has to resettle to Mahdiya.
  • Asia

  • King Anawrahta of Burma captures Thanton in northern Thailand, strengthening Theravada Buddhism in the country.
  • Europe

  • August 15 – Battle of Lumphanan: Macbeth, King of Scotland, is killed by the future Malcolm III; Macbeth is succeeded as King of Scotland by his stepson Lulach, who is crowned at Scone, probably on September 8.
  • August – Battle of Varaville: William the Conqueror defeats a Franco-Angevin army at the mouth of the Dives River, Normandy.
  • Ferdinand I of Castile takes Lamego and Viseu, from Christian lords allied to the Muslim taifas.
  • Religion

  • August 2 – Pope Stephen IX (sometimes referred to as Stephen X) succeeds Pope Victor II, as the 154th pope.
  • Reting Monastery is established by Dromtönpa north of Lhasa, as the seat of the Kadampa lineage.
  • Births

  • Hugh I, Duke of Burgundy (d. 1093)
  • Deaths

  • Jōchō, Japanese sculptor
  • July 28 – Pope Victor II
  • August 15 – King Macbeth of Scotland (b. 1005)
  • Late August – Edward the Exile, son of Edmund II of England
  • Ermesinde of Carcassonne, countess and regent of Barcelona (b. 972)
  • Leofric, Earl of Mercia
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