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Year 1025 (MXXV) was a common year starting on Friday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • April 18 – Bolesław I Chrobry is crowned as the first king of Poland.
  • The North African Zirid dynasty's attempts to retake Sicily fail.
  • Byzantines abduct Arabs' Messina, before the death of Emperor Basil II.
  • Asia

  • Srivijaya, a partly Buddhist kingdom based in Sumatra, is attacked by the Chola Empire of southern India, in a dispute over trading rights in South-east Asia. It survives, but declines in importance.
  • Constantine VIII succeeds his brother Basil II as Byzantine Emperor.
  • Births

  • August 28 – Emperor Go-Reizei of Japan (d. 1068)
  • Anna Dalassene, Byzantine regent (d. 1102)
  • Empress Agnes of Poitou, regent of the Holy Roman Empire (d. 1077)
  • John Italus, Byzantine philosopher (d. 1090)
  • Deaths

  • June 17 – Bolesław I Chrobry, King of Poland
  • December 15 – Basil II, Byzantine Emperor (b. 958)
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