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1011 Laodamia

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Discovered by  K. Reinmuth
Named after  Laodamia
Discovered  5 January 1924
Orbits  Sun
Asteroid group  Mars-crosser asteroid
Discovery date  5 January 1924
Minor planet category  Mars-crosser
Inclination  5.4941°
Discoverer  Karl Wilhelm Reinmuth
MPC designation  1011 Laodamia (1924 PK)
Alternative names  1924 PK · 1939 FG 1958 OC
Discovery site  Landessternwarte Heidelberg-Königstuhl
Similar  1056 Azalea, 1002 Olbersia, 1001 Gaussia, 1207 Ostenia, 1111 Reinmuthia

1011 Laodamia is a stony Mars-crosser asteroid. It was discovered by German astronomer Karl Reinmuth at Heidelberg Observatory on January 5, 1924. Its provisional designation was 1924 PK. With an absolute magnitude of 12.7, the asteroid is roughly 12 kilometers in diameter. On September 5, 2083, the asteroid will pass 0.06186 AU (9,254,000 km; 5,750,000 mi) from Mars.

It was named Laodamia, a figure in the Greek mythology. However, since there are several different characters with this name, it is unclear which one is actually referred to.


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