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1 Tridecanol

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Density  840 kg/m³
Appearance  White solid
1-Tridecanol httpsmediascbtcomproduct1104z110441jpg

1-Tridecanol is a chemical compound from the group of alcohols (specifically, the fatty alcohols ). It is in the form of a colorless, flammable solid. 1-Tridecanol usually occurs as a mixture of different isomeric to compounds such as 2-tridecanol, 3-tridecanol, 4-tridecanol, 5-tridecanol, 6-tridecanol and isotridecanol.



1-Tridecanol is used as a lubricant and for the manufacture of surfactants and plasticizers used


1-Tridecanol is flammable, having a flash point of 120 °C and an ignition temperature of 260 °C.


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