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1 52 honeycomb

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In geometry, the 152 honeycomb is a uniform tessellation of 8-dimensional Euclidean space. It contains 142 and 151 facets, in a birectified 8-simplex vertex figure. It is the final figure in the 1k2 polytope family.


It is created by a Wythoff construction upon a set of 9 hyperplane mirrors in 8-dimensional space.

The facet information can be extracted from its Coxeter-Dynkin diagram.

Removing the node on the end of the 2-length branch leaves the 8-demicube, 151.

Removing the node on the end of the 5-length branch leaves the 142.

The vertex figure is determined by removing the ringed node and ringing the neighboring node. This makes the birectified 8-simplex, 052.


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