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01 Communique

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Mississauga, Canada

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Key people
Andrew Cheung, President

Remote Access Software, Online Help Desk Support Software

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ONE (CVE) CA$ 0.06 0.00 (+10.00%)17 Feb, 4:00 PM GMT-5 - Disclaimer

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Public Listed Company (TSX-V: ONE)

01 Communique is a Canadian technology company based in Mississauga, Ontario. The company develops integrated communications software and services. 01 Communique specializes in providing remote access to information stored on a Desktop PC over the Internet. Generally this is referred to as PC remote access software or PC remote control software.


Company history

01 Communique was founded in 1992 to provide businesses and consumers with all-in-one communications software. The company's first release was a fax program called 01 Fax. Its next release would be the COMMUNICATE! series, unified communications software combining fax, e-mail, voice mail, text recognition, and paging capabilities.

The company's focus switched to PC remote access and PC remote control software in the late 1990s. In 2000, the company filed for U.S. and Canadian patents related to the technologies they have invented and used in their commercial software. US Patent #6,928,479 and #6,938,076 were awarded in August 2005.

On March 8, 2000, 01 Communique began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the trading symbol ONE. The company had been previously trading on the Canadian Dealing Network.

In 2010, 01 Communique opened offices in Arlington, Virginia, to promote its newest products and services in Web 2.0. platforms, including I'm InTouchMeeting that allows businesses and users to communicate and collaborate in realTime, with bi-directional capabilities. The company plans to release its I'm InTouchMeetingPRO by August 2011.

Lawsuit Against Citrix

In February 2006, 01 Communique launched a patent infringement lawsuit against Citrix Systems alleging infringement of U.S. Patent No. 6,928,479. The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division.



  • I'm InTouch - software for remotely accessing and controlling a computer.
  • I'm OnCall - remote help desk software.
  • COMMUNICATE! - Unified communications software.
  • I'm InTouchMeeting - software-as-a-service for hosting online meetings with bi-directional capabilities and a Web 2.0. platform.
  • Hardware

  • I'm InTouch SecurePC - Secure netbook for use with the I'm InTouch remote access service.
  • I'm InTouch SecureKEY - USB security token enabling Two-factor authentication for the I'm InTouch remote access service.
  • Discontinued

  • 01 Fax
  • Partnerships

  • In 2001, 01 Communique signed an ISV alliance agreement with Research In Motion (RIM) to increase the interoperability between I'm InTouch and RIM's wireless email software.
  • In 2002, a partnership was announced with Hitachi Business Solution to localize I'm InTouch for sale in Japan.
  • In 2011, a partnership was announced with Active Edge Techs, based in the DC-metropolitan area, in order to add value and diversify their products and services.
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