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Directed by  Senna Hegde
Cinematography  Keertan Poojary
Director  Senna Hegde
9.2/10 IMDb

Written by  Senna Hegde
Release date  15 August 2016 (India)
Screenplay  Senna Hegde

Produced by  Preetham Hegde Chetan Shetty Prasanna Hegde
Starring  Rajesh Thoyammal Vipin Kavvai Abhilash Thoyammal Priyadath TK Sanal Manu
Music by  Senna Hegde Unni Abhijith Glady Abraham Subha Naidu
Cast  Abhilash Gopal, Vishnu Lakshmanan
Producers  Senna Hegde, Preetham Hegde, Chetan Shetty
Music director  Senna Hegde, Subha Naidu, Glady Abraham, Unni Abhijith
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0 41 teaser 1 disclaimer a malayalam film

0-41* is a 91-minute account of real people, real lives and real experiences, set in a real place. Directed by Senna Hegde, this full-length Indian docudrama features dramatized re-enactments of actual events and offers an in-depth and honest look at the rural way of life in India. The film has no actors. It is filmed in a neorealist/documentary style with actual people playing characters with the same names and occupations as in real life, thus blurring the boundaries between drama and reality. Aided by the flourishing landscapes of Kanhangad, with Arai river roaring in the background, this film is a beautiful representation of the everyday life of a group of people who spend their evenings playing Volleyball, entering a world far removed from the bustle of life. The film showcases their life, their aspirations and fears, and their point of view on the rest of the world. Volleyball becomes the crucial part of this film as it acts as the thread holding the film together.


The film had its world premiere at the 11th Cinema On The Bayou Film Festival at Lafayette, USA.

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A bunch of local youth in a small town in India are closely knit by a game of volleyball every evening. Rajesh and Vipin lead the two teams with a great deal of passion until a seemingly endless losing streak sets Rajesh and his team on a trail of disbelief and dejection. The docudrama proceeds to draw a subtle parallel between the losing streak and the lives of these youth. Over the course of six days, this film brings into sharp focus their life stories, their aspirations and expectations, their faith and fears and their view on the rest of the world with the rural way of life in India providing a vivid backdrop.


  • Rajesh Thoyammal
  • Predeep Hegde
  • Vipin Kavvai
  • Abhilash Thoyammal
  • Priyadath TK
  • Sanal Manu
  • Ebi Ganesh
  • Vishnu Lakshmanan
  • Sunil Thoyammal
  • Ambu
  • Film Festivals

  • Official Selection at the 11th Cinema On The Bayou Film Festival, Lafayette, USA.
  • Official Selection at the 1st RapidLion, the South African International Film Festival, Johannesburg, SA
  • Official Selection at the 3rd Noida International Film Festival, New Delhi, India.
  • Official Selection at Miami Independent Film Festival, Miami, USA.
  • Official Selection at Newark international Film Festival, Newark, USA.
  • Awards

  • WINNER - Best Cinematography, 3rd Noida International Film Festival On 7 February 2016. New Delhi, India.
  • NOMINATED - Best Director, Newark International Film Festival On 11 September 2016. Newark, USA.
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