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Đặng Thị Huệ

Vietnamese  Dang Thi Hue
Name  Dang Hue
Han-Nom  鄧氏蕙

V ph t c l i ch ng c a b ng th hu

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Đặng Thị Huệ was the favorite concubine of Trịnh Sâm, ruler of northern Vietnam from 1767 to 1782. According to histories she used to pick tea-leaves, but gained favour with Trịnh Sâm and was made senior concubine with the title Tuyên phi, the highest rank of the concubines.

Đặng Thị Huệ REDSVN ng Th Hu T Hi Thi hu phin bn Vit Nam

She is depicted by subsequent history as having used her influence, although in contrast a stele in Temple of Literature, Hanoi records the rector of the college refusing to pass her younger brother in Vietnam's Confucian exams.

Đặng Thị Huệ Chuyn nng ng Th Hu ngi n b khuynh o ng Ngoi Phm

As favourite concubine, she tried make her son Trịnh Cán heir. However, Trịnh Khải organized an army and fought against his half-brother and destroyed all her supporters. She was forced to commit suicide. Her birth and death day are unknown.

Đặng Thị Huệ ng Th Hu dt mi Trnh Sm nh b thut phng the Kin thc

She is the subject of the 2010 historical novel Tuyên phi Đặng Thị Huệ by Văn Phú Ngô.

H c ti ng h n mi n ph because i miss you ng th hu sha9

Đặng Thị Huệ 8 b hong ni bt trn mn nh Vit
Đặng Thị Huệ ng Th Hu Wikipedia ting Vit
Đặng Thị Huệ ng Th Hu dt mi Trnh Sm nh b thut phng the i sng
Đặng Thị Huệ Lch s Chuyn v tuyn phi ng Th Hu Nguyn Triu Lut c


Đặng Thị Huệ Wikipedia

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