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Mika Muranen

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Mika Muranen

Mika Muranen MURHAINFO katso viestiketjua Mika Muranen Kotka 1994

Jarno Elg, Nikita Bergenström, Ilpo Larha

1971 (age 50), Kotka, Finland

Mika Kalevi Muranen (born 1971 in Kotka, Finland), a military conscript, returned to his barracks in Hamina from a holiday on Sunday, April 17, 1994, stole an Rk 62 assault rifle from the barracks and fled to his hometown Kotka.


Mika Muranen Kolmoismurhaaja Mika Murasen ehdonalaishakemus

The next day, still dressed in his uniform, he entered his neighborhood and shot two of his neighbors, Reino Vulkko, 53, and his wife Sirkka, 54, with a crossbow he had taken from his home. On April 19 Muranen shot mailman Matti Olli, 45, with the assault rifle. He also shot randomly at nearby houses, escaping into the forest with his dog. During the chase, police shot the dog with a submachine gun, while Muranen returned fire with the assault rifle.

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The police chased him for a day before slightly wounding him. After he was arrested he expressed regret that his military service would be terminated.

Mika Muranen Mika Murasen haastattelu Alibi

Muranen was found to be competent to stand trial. Kotka district court sentenced him to life in prison on three counts of murder, eight counts of attempted murder and three counts of attempted manslaughter. He was sent to a prison in Mikkeli.

Mika Muranen Mika Murasen haastattelu Alibi

The same year, there was a similar case in Sweden, where army officer Mattias Flink killed seven people with an Ak 5.

Mika Muranen Mika Muranen Murderpedia the encyclopedia of murderers


In 2004, after serving 10 years, Muranen was transferred to an open jail in Laukaa. In 2006, while serving his sentence in Laukaa, he gave his first interview to the Finnish crime magazine Alibi.

Muranen applied for parole several times: 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2011. In September 2013 Helsinki court of appeal finally granted him a parole. Muranen was released from prison in September 2014.


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