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Ömnögovi Province

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Country  Mongolia
Capital  Dalanzadgad
Area code(s)  +976 (0)153
Area  165,380 km²
Population  61,314 (2011)
Established  1931
Time zone  UTC+8
ISO 3166 code  MN-053
Founded  1931
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Ömnögovi (Mongolian: Өмнөговь Ömnögovǐ, South Gobi) is an aimag (province) of Mongolia, located in the south of the country, in the Gobi Desert. Ömnögovi is Mongolia's largest aimag. The capital is Dalanzadgad.


Map of Umnugovi, Mongolia

The province is rich in mineral deposits, including gold and copper. Agriculture is of minor importance. Vegetables are grown in some oases, e.g. in Dal near Dalanzadgad.

As the aimag has various sights to offer, tourism is gaining importance. Ömnögovi includes several well known tourist areas, including the Flaming Cliffs, Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park and Khongoryn Els - The Singing Sand Dunes.


The Dalanzadgad Airport (ZMDZ/DLZ) has one concrete runway. It is served by regular domestic flights from and to Ulan Bator.


According to a 2009 survey, 73.5% of the residents of Omnogovi are Buddhists, 2.9% are Christians, 23.3% do not identify with a formal religion, and 0.3% adhere to other formal religions.


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