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(145452) 2005 RN43

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Discovery date  10 September 2005
Observation arc  22376 days (61.26 yr)
Discovered  10 September 2005
Argument of perihelion  174.88°
Discoverer  Jeremy M. Kubica
Apparent magnitude  20.1
MPC designation  (145452) 2005 RN43
Aphelion  42.146 AU (6.3050 Tm)
Inclination  19.313°
Mean anomaly  338.28°
Discovery site  Apache Point Observatory
Discovered by  A. C. BeckerA. W. PuckettJ. M. Kubica
Minor planet category  TNOCubewanoExtended (DES)

(145452) 2005 RN43, also written as (145452) 2005 RN43, is a classical Kuiper belt object. It has an estimated diameter of 7005679000000000000♠679+55
. It was discovered by Andrew Becker, Andrew Puckett and Jeremy Kubica on 10 September 2005 at Apache Point Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico. It is possibly a dwarf planet.


The Minor Planet Center (MPC) classifies it as a cubewano. But since this object has an inclination of 19.3° and it is unknown how it acquired this moderate inclination, the Deep Ecliptic Survey (DES) classifies it as scattered-extended.

It has been observed 119 times over thirteen oppositions, with precovery images back to 1954.


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