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Zyklon (comics)

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Der Zyklon is a fictional villain created by DC Comics. He was created by Roy Thomas and first appeared in All-Star Squadron #45 (May 1985).


Fictional character biography

The name Zyklon is a reference to Zyklon B, the poison used in the gas chambers during the holocaust. Zyklon was given the power to move at superhuman speeds by scientists of the Third Reich. His first mission was to aid his fellow operative Baron Blitzkrieg, in stealing the Liberty Bell. They were opposed by Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle, (who were then members of the All-Star Squadron) as well as the Liberty Bell's night guard Tom Revere. Blitzkrieg proceeded to hurl Tom towards a wall. Johnny Quick attempted to catch him but was stopped by Zyklon. Tom died, and Liberty Belle swore revenge on Zyklon. The two Nazis then fled with the bell. The Baron wanted the Bell, because it contained strange energies. He intended to destroy Philadelphia, however his plans were disrupted by Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle, Hawkgirl and the Golden Age Flash. While the heroes destroyed his machine, Liberty Belle was struck by a beam of lightning which endowed her with her Sonic Pulse Power. The villains then fled.

Powers and abilities

Zyklon possesses the power to move at superhuman speeds. It is unknown whether he can tap into the Speed Force.


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