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Zorba (dog)

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Other name(s)  Zorba
Sex  Male
Owner  Chris Eraclidas
Species  Canis lupus familiaris
Died  Unknown
Breed  English Mastiff
The world's largest dog Zorba standing up with a woman sitting in front of it

Title  World's Heaviest DogWorld's Longest Dog
Similar  Antis (dog), Appollo (dog), Arthur (dog)

Aicama Zorba of La-Susa or Zorba (26 September 1981 - Unknown ) was a male Old English Mastiff who was recognized by Guinness World Records as the heaviest and longest dog in the world.


Zorba (dog) with a woman inside a car while exposing its big head outside the car's window

Zorba - The World's Largest Dog Ever Lived


Zorba (dog) as the World's heaviest dog shown at 315 pounds | a news article

Zorba was bred by Mrs I. Prosser on 26 September 1981. His sire and dam were Stablemate's Bruno of Kisumu (American import) and Gildasan Valentine Daisy of Aicama. He was owned by Chris Eraclides of London, England.

World records

Zorba initially set the record of heaviest dog in September 1987 at 314.5 pounds (142.7 kg).

Zorba (dog) while walking with two people (girl and boy) and a white horse outdoors

In November 1989 Zorba was recorded as weighing 343 pounds (155.6 kg). Zorba stood 37 inches (94 cm) at the shoulder and was 8 feet 3 inches (251 cm) from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail.

An exact replica of Zorba (dog) in Island Veterinary Hospital

Zorba (dog) with a black horse in front of it

Zorba (dog) standing still on a green grassy field


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