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Country  India
Director  Vinnil Markan
Language  Punjabi
Zorawar movie poster

Zorawar is a Punjabi action film directed by Vinnil Markan, and produced by PTC Motion Pictures. The film features Yo Yo Honey Singh in the title character, alongside actresses Gurbani Judge and Parul Gulati. It was partly filmed in Durban during 2014, however released after a long delay on 6 May 2016.



Zorawar Singh (Yo Yo Honey Singh) is a daring Indian Army officer with Rapid Task Force. After completing an assignment he asks for a holiday from his senior which is granted to him. Zorawar comes back to his home to his loving mother Mrs Sheetal Singh (Achint Kaur). One day Mrs Singh shows Zorawar some photos of suitable brides to her son. Zorawar then sees a girl (Jasleen) whom he had met earlier in a college. On the date Jasleen gets shocked to know that Zorawar is actually an army officer but says no to marriage because Jasleen wants to complete her graduation and go abroad for masters in film making. Zorawar then agrees with Jasleen's decisions and returns home. At home Mrs Sheetal receives letters from her dead father which contains information about Zorawar's biological father Samar Singh. When Zorawar returns home his mother tells Zorawar that she & Samar met in Canada while pursuing their masters. Samar tells Sheetal that he is the son of a dangerous gangster back home and came to Canada to stay away from the gangwars. Samar and Sheetal engage in romance and one day Samar leaves stating that he had received a letter from his elder brother that his father is ill. Returning home Samar gets to know that his family is massacred by his father's rival including his 8 year old nephew due to someone from Samar's own man backstabbing him. Before Samar is to be killed an unknown man (Amit Behl) saves Samar and both together kill everyone. Samar along with the unknown person named Angad moves to Durban (South Africa) where he had established himself as a dreaded don. Zorawar then travels to Durban to find his father but became unsuccessful in getting any information. With the help of an Indian origin police officer Tejpal Singh (Pawan Malhotra) gets to know that his father died years ago in a gangwar in a rivalry with a much more powerful don named Sangram. Somehow Tejpal helps Zorawar in getting inside Sangram's gang but unknown to Zorawar, Sangram is actually Samar Singh his father. At last it is revealed that Tejpal was a traitor who backstabbed Samar Singh in massacring his family and used Zorawar to kill his own father to avenge death of his wife at the hands of Samar. In the end Tejpal is killed by father-son duo and the family unites back.


  • Yo Yo Honey Singh as Major Zorawar Singh
  • Gurbani Judge as Zoya
  • Parul Gulati as Jasleen
  • Pawan Malhotra as Tejpal Singh
  • Mukul Dev as Sangram ( Samar Partap Singh )
  • Achint Kaur as Sheetal
  • Amit Behl as Angad
  • Jasmine Sandlas in a Special Appearance in song "Raat Jashan Di"
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