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Zibo Vocational Institute

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Type  Public
President  杨百梅 Yang Baimei
Campus  Suburb area
Phone  +86 533 277 2629
Established  2002.07
Students  26,000
Province  Shandong
Academic staff  1,400
Zibo Vocational Institute

Location  China Shandong Province Zibo City Zhoucun District Liantong Road
Address  China, Shandong, Zibo, Zhangdian, 世纪路

Zibo Vocational Institute淄博职业学院)nicknamed "Zizhi," is a provincial college offering associate degrees in a wide variety of disciplines. Located in Shandong Province Zibo City Zhoucun District Liantong Road, the school is spread out over three campuses.


School Environment

Zibo Vocational Institute is located between Zhangdian District & Zhoucun District. The three campuses are next to each other on Liantong Road. Extracurricular activities on the campus include tai chi, roller-blading, basketball and breakdancing. Xi Jie, or West Street, divides the North Campus and the West Campus. West Street has a variety of inexpensive restaurants and snack stalls which cater to the student population. Other amenities such as mobile phone stores, hairdressers, internet cafe, post office and bicycle shops are on-campus or nearby.

North Campus

Main Building

The North Campus was established in 2008. The campus is dominated by the main academic building, a trapezoid-shaped multi-story facility. The school cartoon mascot, Huan Huan, meaning "double happy," has a trapezoid—shaped head which echoes the design of the main academic building. The main school library is housed in this building. The North Campus also features a large artificial lake, nicknamed the "Northern Sea."

  • Schools at the North Campus
  • Vehicle Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Ceramic & Art
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Café

  • In-school cafe bar
  • Overpass

    North Campus and South Campus are connected by a pedestrian overpass.

    South Campus

    Main Building

    The South Campus established in 2006, includes the International School where foreign students study Chinese. The grounds of the South Campus are thickly planted with trees. This area is known as the "Little Wood."

  • Schools at the South Campus
  • International School
  • Accounting
  • Information Engineering
  • Animation & Art
  • Arts Design
  • Culture Communication
  • Tourism Management
  • Architectural Engineering
  • International Institute of Business Administration
  • South Campus contains two dining halls, four convenience stores, one fruit market and several milk-tea bars.
  • Cosplay show hold annually by The Animation & Art Institute .
  • West Campus

    Main Building

    The West Campus established in 2002, features an artificial lake stocked with ornamental fish and many ornamental cherry trees. A training hospital is located at this campus.

  • Institutes
  • Department of Pharmacy
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Medical Technology
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