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Zeke's Pad

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Liz Scully

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First episode date
9 January 2010

Zeke's Pad Zeke39s Pad Screenings C21Media

Voices of
Michael AdamthwaiteTim HamaguchiChiara ZanniTabitha St. GermainTrevor Devall

ZDF, CBBC, YTV, Seven Network

Australian Film Institute Award for Best Children's Television Animation


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Zeke's Pad is an animated TV show and is a Canada–Australia co-production between Bardel Entertainment, Flying Bark Productions, and Leaping Lizard Productions in association with Seven Network and YTV. The show was produced with the participation of The Canadian Television Fund, The Province of British Columbia Film Incentive BC, The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, The Shaw Rocket Fund, The Independent Production Fund, Cogeco Program Development Fund, Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, and British Columbia Film. It has aired on YTV in Canada and on Nickelodeon in the United States on Saturdays at 7pm. It is about the adventures of a 14-year-old skateboarder and artist named Zeke who owns a magic electronic pad that brings life to anything he draws on it.


Zeke's Pad Zeke39s Pad A STARK PRODUCTION

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Zeke Palmer is an imaginative artist and skateboarder who lives with a weird and wacky family. His Pad is an amazing electronic gadget that is a mobile phone, PDA, GPS, MP3 player and a drawing tablet all rolled into one. Zeke's pad has a unique glitch: anything he draws comes to life. Being a creative artist that he is, Zeke is constantly drawing and making his drawings come to life. But he learns that for every action there is a reaction, and things don't turn out the way he imagines.

Broadcast history

Zeke's Pad Zeke39s Pad A STARK PRODUCTION

Before its Canadian premiere on YTV and its American premiere on Nickelodeon, the show had been broadcast more than a dozen countries: Australia (Seven Network), Germany (ZDF), France on (Canal+ Familie), Poland (ZigZap), India and Sri Lanka (Sun TV), Spain (Televiso de Catalunya), Latin America (Cartoon Network) and the Middle East (Spacetoon). Zeke's Pad was nominated for the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Children's Television Animation in 2009.[1] At the 2009 Elan Awards, which honours achievements in video games, animation and visual effects, Zeke's Pad took home Best Animation TV Production and Best Art Direction awards.[2]


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Zeke (Ezekiel) Palmer (Voiced by Michael Adamthwaite): Zeke Palmer is a talented and creative 14 year-old artist/skateboarder. He follows his own path, however wiggly and weird it might become. Most importantly, Zeke is a risk taker. He is totally into making his ideas happen, but he is also inherently short sighted. The term action equals reaction is something he is blind to. Because of his over-enthusiasm about his own creative ideas, Zeke must deal with the consequences of his actions.

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Jay (Jayden) Fritter (Voiced by Tim Hamaguchi): Jay is Zeke's best friend. Jay's computer knowledge and technical wizardry often help Zeke out of a jam. Jay is the only person who knows about the special power of Zeke's Pad.

Zeke's Pad Zeke39s Pad Episode 9 Portrait of a Young Artist YouTube

Rachel Palmer (Voiced by Chiara Zanni): She is Zeke's 13-year-old annoying sister who is a drama queen, turning every moment into a gripping monologue, all for her love of the theatre.

Ike (Isacc) Palmer (Voiced by Trevor Devall): Zeke's 17-year-old brother is a star athlete who is all about training. He tries one weird training and diet program after another to obtain peak physical fitness.

Ida Palmer (Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain): Zeke's mom is a quick change artist with panache, whether she is in stripes refereeing a sibling squabble or leading a cleaning inspection in her white lab coat. Organization and order is the order of the day.

Alvin Palmer (Voiced by Trevor Devall): Zeke's dad has two true loves, music and his wife Ida. He lives with his head in a musical cloud and depends on Ida to manage the rest.

Maxine Marx (Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain): The old adage "opposites attract" works well for Maxine and Zeke. Pretty, smart and super athletic, she is Zeke's secret crush.


1. You Art What You Eat
Zeke draws up a room full of pancakes. They taste great, but then he eats so much that he became bloated and sick. Just so it happens that Zeke shows up at his school during a physical test, which he fails miserably. Zeke is sent to a fitness camp to whip him in shape. Worse, his Pad is confiscated before he can draw his way out of the camp. He has to call his best friend Jay to help him get his Pad back, and escape from the torturous camp.

2. The Big Picture
Zeke loses controls of the TV remote at home and he misses his favourite reality show. He then draws himself a giant TV, but the whole neighbourhood now wants the remote to his TV. Zeke feels like he doesn't matter anymore, and he draws himself as the star of his own reality show. Soon, his ego gets the best of him, and he begins to direct his family on how to portray themselves, eventually replacing them with better actors. This causes his family to stop talking to him anymore, and Zeke must somehow repair the damage his giant ego has done.

3. Fast Draw
Zeke decides to draw a robot version of himself to do the boring chores that he doesn't like. The robot is very hardworking and eager to please, but perhaps too eager. Zeke then decides to add some personality to his robot to make it cool (i.e. make it more like him). The robot becomes so cool that it asks Zeke's secret crush, Maxine, out for a date. Zeke becomes jealous and tries to make his robot stop, but it goes on a rampage and frames Zeke for it, causing Zeke to be stuck in detention. With Jay's help, Zeke escapes and lures the robot into a back alley for a classic western style showdown. Much to his surprise, the robot also has a magic Pad.

4. The Art of Cool
Zeke's dad, Alvin, is a total embarrassment in front of Zeke's friends. Alvin's spinach clotted teeth, his corny songs and weird dance moves are definitely not cool. Zeke runs to the bathroom for cover and quickly draws his dad to be more cool. When Zeke gets back, Alvin seems to have had a makeover with leather jacket, new hairstyle, a pair of Bono-like sunglasses and an electric guitar. However, Alvin declares Zeke is not cool enough anymore, and offers him some tips on how to be cool. Alvin also helps Zeke with his role in the family band. When Zeke finds out that the first performance will be at his very own high school dance, he freaks out and worries that he is not cool enough.

5. Drawn Together
Zeke and Jay are spending too much time together, and they are getting on each other's nerves. They agree that they need to spend some time apart. To ensure they do not come close together, Zeke draws them as opposite charges. However, what he actually draws are magnets on themselves, and they are drawn together! No matter where they go, they are stuck together, and they cannot get away from each other. To make matters worse, Zeke has a skateboarding date with Maxine, and with Jay stuck to him, Zeke has a hard time impressing Maxine. In a moment of frustration, after the Pad recharges, Zeke draws Jay far, far away. Soon, Zeke starts to miss his best friend.

6. Clean Slate
Zeke is sick of his mom, Ida's strict cleaning rules, and draws a "no-cleaning zone" around his house. Things are reversed right away. The house is a mess, so is his mom, and better yet, she has a set of no-cleaning rules! Zeke can now put his feet up on the coffee table, drop chocolate wrappers on the ground and not worry about cleaning! However, Ida takes her no-cleaning rules extremely strictly, and whoever is found doing a tiny bit of cleaning (e.g. moving a piece of paper to find something) is sent to the dreaded CR, the clutter room. The room is designed to break anyone of their cleaning habits. With his sister Rachel and Chester the dog in tow, Ida rules the house with a dirty iron first. Soon, Zeke, his dad Alvin and brother Ike are living in terror. Worse yet, Zeke's Pad is lost in the clutter in his room. Eventually, they decide to revolt against Ida and bring cleanliness to the house. Can Zeke find his Pad in time before Ida is on to him?

7. Fetch a Sketch
Tired of his pet dog, Chester, always biting him in the rear and just generally being incompetent, Zeke decides to draw his own ideal pet. With his Pad and his vivid imagination, he draws the perfect pet, Sketch. Sketch is very weird looking, with a hyena's jaw, feathers, fins, and other weird parts. He is also very smart, and learns tricks easily. Soon, he becomes a favourite of the family. However Sketch doesn't eat normal food. He eats things, like furniture and fences. He also grows quickly, and soon balloons to a 50-foot monster. Sketch tears through the neighbourhood, throwing cars around and causing panic. Eventually, Zeke and Jay manage to get Sketch under control. That is when they realize that Sketch isn't being vicious, he is just lonely and looking for someone like him. With that in mind, Zeke and Jay finds Sketch a perfect companion, an animal as weird as Sketch, a platypus. They send Sketch merrily on his way to be with the platypus, and the weird animal couple live happily ever after. They even send an egg a few months later for Zeke to babysit!

8. A Little Sketchy
In Zeke's mind, Rachel is always getting her way. The final straw comes when Zeke's dream vacation is called off because Rachel has a last minute call back for a small role in a play. To fix the situation he decides to get inside her head and rewire her brain. With the Pad, Zeke and Jay find themselves smack in the middle of Rachel's brain. Now Zeke and Jay have complete control over Rachel's actions. They make Rachel look like an absolute fool by making her do animal noises, walk into the wall and say inappropriate things. By the time she auditions she's a wreck. But it backfires when Rachel's emotional performance winds up earning her the lead role. Unsuccessful, Zeke just wants to get out of her brain and back to normal size. Easier said than done, especially when they lose the pad down Rachel's throat. Now they must find a way to get out of Rachel's body before being crushed by falling cookie bits, and figure out how to get back to regular size before anything bad happens to their tiny bodies!

9. Portrait of a Young Artist
Every time the parents are out, Zeke's brother, Ike is in charge, because he is the oldest. Zeke also has curfews because of his age, and misses out on an awesome party. Tired of having restrictions because he is young, Zeke decides to draw himself older. After the draw is complete, Zeke is transformed into an older version with a moustache and a deeper voice. He becomes the head of the house when the parents are not home. Even Ike listens to him! However, all is not good. Zeke continues to age, and in 6 hours he is almost 90! Soon, he will be too old to reverse the condition. Jay manages to help Zeke draw himself younger before it is too late, and Zeke is back to 14. But this time, Zeke continues to become younger! He behaves like a child too, stuffing his face with chocolate and throwing a tantrum. Even worse, his parents are about to come home, and they do not want to see Zeke as a 3-year-old kid. Zeke manages to return to his proper age in the nick of time, and is just glad to continue being his age.

10. Drawing Conclusions
The family and Jay are watching a murder mystery show on TV, and Jay solves it before everyone else does. Jay tells Zeke not to worry, because being logical is not Zeke's strong suit. Of course, Zeke is not happy about this, and the opportunity to prove Jay wrong arises when Zeke's mom, Ida, loses her precious electronic organizer. The organizer is what keeps the house tidy and the chores assigned. To help her find the organizer, and in turn prove that he is logical, Zeke draws himself as a superhero detective, Zeke Streak, complete with tight spandex and a mask. Both Zeke Streak and Jay compete against each other to solve the crime first. They discover muddy prints in the kitchen, but still cannot figure out who the culprit is. Zeke Streak dashes from room to room in blinding speed in search of clues to no avail. Eventually, Zeke decides that being fast is not conducive to solving crime, and draws himself as another super sleuth, this time a Zen Master called Zeke of Fury. Zeke of Fury is calm, collected and speaks in a deliberate way. However, things continue to go missing in the household: Rachel's hairbrush, Ike's jockstrap, Alvin's viola bow and eventually, Zeke's pad. Zeke of Fury discovers a hole in the backyard, and the whole family stake out behind the tree to see who the thief is. Eventually, the thief is discovered, and it is Chester! Now with the organizer back, Ida rewards the hero of the day, Zeke of Fury, with the chore of cleaning up the kitchen!

11. Gender Render
Zeke finally works up the nerve to ask Maxine to the big dance. But when he finds her at the track where she is practicing for her relay, she is not happy. Maxine is miffed that a female runner on her team is moving away, and they don't have a replacement runner. Because of this, Maxine wouldn't be able to enter the finals now. Zeke tries to console her but she tells him that he is a guy, and he just wouldn't understand what it is like to be a girl. She then leaves for more training before Zeke even has a chance to ask her out. Maxine's comment makes Zeke think, and he comes up with a brilliant idea to understand girls better, or so he thinks. He decides to draw a girl's mind in his body. However, Zeke messes up and draws his mind in a girl's body! Immediately he finds out that it is not easy being a girl. He has a very hard time walking on high heels. When he gets home, he realizes his room has changed to a girl's room, pink and full of stuffed animals. His mom even takes him to a self-defense class! Meanwhile, Maxine comes over to invite Zeke for a sleepover. At the sleepover, Zeke discovers a lot of interesting things that they both like. The next morning, Maxine drags Zeke up at 5am to train with her. Zeke shows that he is extremely fast when he runs after the ice-cream truck. Maxine puts Zeke on her team and prepares him for the finals. After overcoming a few challenges, such as catching the baton, Zeke helps Maxine win the finals. After returning to normal, Zeke is delighted that Maxine asks him to the dance.

12. Brush With Love
One of Zeke's fears is his parents not getting along. So when Zeke sees Alvin making faces behind Ida's back while Ida is doing the same to Alvin, Zeke feels like his fears have been realized. In addition, the family has made plans to dine at Chez Kool, where Zeke hopes to meet his crush, Maxine. Zeke has to save his parent's "failing marriage" and ensure that the dinner plan is still on. Zeke decides to use the power of his Pad to get his parents back together. He draws a popular TV psychologist called Dr. Bill for advice (and somehow messes up the drawing so Dr. Bill is only a few inches tall). Dr. Bill gives Zeke some advice to help his parents' marriage, but the advice is only making a good situation worse. Now, Ida and Alvin are really not getting along, and it's worse than ever! Zeke decides to take matter into his own hands and draws himself as Cupid, trying to get Ida and Alvin back together with his love arrow. Pandemonium ensues as Zeke, being a terrible shot, ends up hitting everybody in the house with his poorly aimed arrows. For example, Rachel is lovestruck by Jay, and Ike and Chester are together! Will Zeke successfully bring everyone back to normal, and get to Chez Kool to hang out with Maxine on this chaotic Valentine's Day?

13. King of the Pad
When Zeke's mom grounds him, he gets frustrated with having no power. ...Except that he has the pad. Which means that he can draw himself as King! Zeke enjoys being king; he gets to stop traffic so he can skateboard, he decrees that chocolate is a vital part of his newly invented five foods group, and he gets to put Ike in stocks – just for being critical. Cool! But after a while, he realizes that people indulge him because he's king – not because they really like him. As a matter of fact, they're actually afraid of him! So he draws honesty! No lying! At all! Now everyone's going around telling everyone else exactly what they think of each other. As a result, feelings get hurt, people get mad and an angry mob forms outside Zeke's house so they can tell him exactly what they think of him. An angry mob is one thing; an honest angry mob is a little more than Zeke bargained for. Now he and his right-hand advisor, Sir Jay, must hide in Zeke's room, waiting for the pad to recharge so he can get them out of this latest mess!

14. Family Portrait
When Zeke continually gets interrupted on the phone with Jay he decides he needs a little space from his the whole house. So he draws himself invisible and goes about scaring the heck out of his family. Because of Jay's involvement in a paranormal project with Zeke at school, Ida calls him in to determine if a ghost truly exists. Zeke as 'ghost' and Jay as 'ghostbuster' go about having even more fun scaring the family – moving the furniture, making the pictures fly off the walls, causing loud bangs from all parts of the living room. They do it so well the family can't get out soon enough. Ah, space! At first Zeke has a blast being alone – skateboarding all over the house, whacking a golf ball around. But a lightning storm outside and the creaks of an empty house make him fear there might actually be a ghost in the house. Is it all in his imagination? Or is the Palmer house truly haunted? Only the family portrait at the end, which Jay is shooting, will tell for sure.

15. Unstill Life
When the local art gallery runs a contest looking for new artists, Zeke is pumped to enter and to win. Unfortunately, the entries must be sculptures, and that is not Zeke's forte. He decides to draw a statue on the PAD for reference (he draws a famous 'lost' statue called the Joseph as he wants to create a masterpiece) and oddly enough a STATUE of the Joseph appears in his room! This is great! He can enter this statue and he will win for sure. But he soon finds that the statue is not just lifelike, its ALIVE! The Joseph (who insists that his new pals Zeke and Jay call him "Joey") really likes being alive, the food, the flowers, the girls – he is one happy former piazza dweller. It takes all Zeke and Jay's energy to try to keep Joey from being discovered as he thumps around the house and town, savoring life. Zeke still wants to enter Joey in the sculpture contest; now all he has to do is get him to stand still long enough for him to be judged!

16. Drawn Out Holiday
It's back to school time and Zeke just doesn't want to go. Zeke likes holiday time so he draws himself a continuous stream of holidays. It's one incredible celebration after another. But Ida's zeal for celebrating 'family' style complete with decorations, costumes and performances quickly tires Zeke out. Can we just take a little break maybe? Jay on the other hand finds his inner party guy and gets into the celebration mode big time. Party on! When Zeke has finally had enough of all the holiday celebrations and declares he's ready to go back to school, Jay panics and steals the pad to delay the end to his fun. Zeke discovers his pad is missing and realizes it can only be one person: Party Animal Jay. In a tug of war to get the pad back from Jay the unthinkable happens. The pad gets broken! Noooo!! Are Zeke and company stuck in holiday mode forever?

17. Gifted Artist
It's Mom's birthday and Zeke has forgotten to get her a birthday gift...again! Oh no, there's no way he's going to accidentally cause her to shed the water works this time. So he desperately tries to come up with 'the perfect gift'. After wasting valuable pad juice on the ultimate vacuum cleaner – that goes wildly out of control – he has to stall the celebratory events while the pad recharges, at the same time trying to come up with the perfect gift to draw. Finally, the pad recharges. Too bad he's got 'drawer's block' and can't think of a single thing to draw. Under extreme pressure, with his mom coming up the stairs ready to open her gifts, Zeke makes a mistake and draws something so obscure, even he doesn't know what to do with it. Fortunately, Ida does, and is touched by Zeke's thoughtfulness!

18. Wherefore Art Thou
Zeke is desperate to make it into the school musical opposite Maxine, but can't sing a note on key. So when he draws himself with perfectly in tune notes coming out of his mouth, he doesn't think it would mean every time he opened his mouth, it would be in the form of a song. Sure, this helps him pass the singing portion of the audition, but things get embarrassing when he can't talk to Maxine without belting out a song in rap, opera or cheesy pop ballad style. When the pad recharges, he tries to do a 180 and draw himself without the 24/7 songbird voice but instead with magic feet for the dance segment of the competition. That doesn't work out exactly as planned either. sadly, now he can't sing, and can't stop his body from dancing, gyrating and flinging everywhere he goes. He better get his act together for the musical or Maxine's respect will be gone forever...

19. Sketch Comedy
Zeke is over the moon when he is paired with Maxine on a social studies project about the environment. He is determined to charm her with his humour. But after initial attempts to make her laugh fail, he becomes desperate and draws the world so that everybody will laugh at whatever he says. Problem is, they, including Maxine, Jay and his family, laugh at every little thing he says and does. During a practice run of the presentation in front of Jay and his family (nobody not even Maxine) takes him seriously. With the presentation the next day Zeke worries he and Maxine will wind up with a failing grade and Maxine will blame him! In order to correct the situation for the big moment he draws the world so that everybody will take him seriously. During the presentation his classmates and teacher take him so seriously that when they ask him what they can do to protect the environment and he blurts out while looking out the window, "Save the Squirrels" they take him up on it, run outside and attempt to save the squirrels. Do the squirrels get saved? Will Zeke and Maxine ever do another presentation together? In the end only Jay knows for sure.

20. Art is Bigger Than Life
Tired of being the 'little' brother Zeke draws himself big like his brother Ike. Zeke is sure he can finally outdo his older brother now that they're the same size. But Ike continues to win out in every situation and Zeke realizes he's still not big enough. Another draw turns Zeke into an eight-foot-tall massive muscle bound freak. That's more like it. That is until he sees himself in the mirror. Ahhhhhh! He can't go to school looking like this. Ida insists a little teenage growth spurt isn't going to stand in the way of his education and off to school he goes. Talk about the worst day of school ever. Not knowing his own strength Zeke breaks things, rips off doors and is generally misunderstood. Things go from bad to worse when he accidentally drenches himself with a can of paint and is mistaken for a monster. An angry mob proceeds to chase him around town. Get the monster!! Cornered in an alley with his buddy Jay, Zeke has to find a way out of this BIG situation and fast.

21. The Artful Dodger
Zeke has a big science test at school coming up and he hasn't studied for it. Monday morning is upon him; Zeke has to dodge this test somehow. Then it hits him: if he can't get to school, he won't have to take the test. So he draws a SNOWSTORM and the whole world is snowed in. No one can get to school – or anywhere else for that matter. It's all good until he realizes that if he can't get out of the house, neither can anyone else. Cabin Fever soon results and Zeke is now surrounded by his shivering, hungry and very unhappy family. Zeke has to get rid of this snow and fast! When the PAD is finally recharged Zeke immediately draws a sunny day to melt all the snow. But instead of returning the world to a normal state Zeke has created a tornado which rips the house from its foundation and lands it in a desert! Oops, that's a little sunnier than Zeke had intended. Now Zeke must try and remember what he learned in science class so he and his family can survive in this hostile environment. Ironic, yes? Yes!

22. Picture of Paradise
When Zeke finds out Maxine is on her way to a summer camp for a week, he tries to impress her by saying he's really into camping too. Jay scoff's at Zeke's bravado and Zeke scoffs back at Jay – don't worry, I've got my Pad. In fact, Zeke draws himself, Jay and the family in the campground next to Maxine's 'girls camp' in order to use the opportunity to impress her more. After several bumbling attempts to show Max his camping know-how go awry, Zeke drags Jay along to follow Maxine in a wilderness walk, with a plan to help her out when she gets lost. Unfortunately, it is Zeke and Jay who get lost and even the Pad's GPS can't help them. But when Maxine witnesses Zeke unwittingly saving his family from a bear, she's more than impressed and joins the family back for some of Ida's risotto over the open fire. Jay just shakes his head, not believing Zeke's luck.

23. Model Family
Pressed with the school assignment of finding out more about his ancestors, Zeke thinks it would be much easier to draw them up from the past and ask them rather than to wade through Ida's voluminous files of his ancestors. When the doorbell rings, there stand his long lost cousins thinking they've just got lost when leaving the village to go shopping. The old relatives learn the new ways in some fun fish out of water sequences while Zeke tries to take notes for his assignments. But things get out of control when it is discovered that the young charming cousin Rafael is a pickpocket, swiping all kinds of things from the house. What's worse, when Zeke realizes he has to get his family back to their own time or the whole time space continuum could be messed up, he also realizes Rafael has stolen his Pad and has taken off with it. This is very bad news! They've got to find Rafael and the Pad or Zeke won't exist about pressure!!!

24. Luck of the Draw
Zeke's name gets drawn to compete on his favorite TV game show. Yeahhh! He's all excited until he finds out that it's a...WHAT? A Family Edition? Now he has to compete—with his family—against the smartest family in town! Zeke's family doesn't exactly work together well so he does a draw to make them more of a team. But his family are obsessed with only being a team and don't listen to Zeke when he tries to get them to actually practice for the upcoming show. Can Zeke get his team organized enough to win the prize? The day of the game show quickly arrives. Zeke's over zealous attempts to answer questions quickly cause his team to nose dive in the quiz portion of the show. Zeke thinks it's all his family's fault. He's got to do something quick to turn things around. He draws on his Pad to make his family listen to him, but it doesn't work out the way he intended when his family are practically zombies awaiting his every command. Zeke has to tell them which foot to lift and when so they can run the obstacle race. Oops. Can they possibly still win? And what to draw next?

25. Board Strokes
Zeke is super excited when his skateboarding idol Rip Ryker rolls into town on a new promotional tour. Rip announces a contest for the top ten skateboarders in town, with the winner getting to go on the skateboarding circuit as Rip's sidekick. Zeke is stoked and draws himself a fancy aerodynamic board which helps him make the finals. But when Rip gets his eye on the slick cool new board, he swipes the board for himself and Zeke is out of luck and his board. Realizing it is Rip who is the board-stealer, Zeke challenges him to a one-on-one skateboarding duel, but not before he draws Rip's board with five tonnes of weight on it. Now the playing field is even and they have to win based on their own skills. Too bad Rip doesn't see it that way, and dumps marmalade over Zeke's skateboard wheels just as he's about to take off...

26. Zeke's Pad
Zeke feels it is time he has his own space, without interruptions and responsibility. So when he convinces Ida and Alvin to let him move into the garage, he draws himself the perfect teen hangout, complete with half-pipe ramps for boarding, a large screen TV and even a sundae buffet. Things are sweet until everyone in town hears about the 'pad' and shows up. Now there's no room to breathe, and he can't even have a go at his skateboard ramp or the sundae buffet. Things are out of control so Zeke draws the pad more exclusive with a strict list of the 'in crowd' allowed in. Unfortunately, Zeke accidentally forgets to put himself on the list and is himself, OUT. After one failed attempt after another of trying to get into his pad, he finally digs a tunnel from under his house to the garage. Success – he makes it into the pad! Unfortunately, his tunnel caused structural damage to the house – and it is lopsided with his family members dangling precariously from windows. Zeke has to figure out a way to save his family - and in doing so, realizes his own home wasn't that bad a pad to begin with!


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