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Zef Mustafa

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Occupation  Mobster
Name  Zef Mustafa
Allegiance  Gambino crime family

Zef Mustafa Zef mustafa he was the former driver of former gambino consigliere

Born  1961 (age 53–54)Trieste, Italy

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Zef J. Mustafa is a former Albanian-American mobster associated with the Gambino crime family.


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Early life

Mustafa was born in Albania but moved to America with his parents as an infant in 1962 to escape Enver Hoxha's Communist regime. At the age of 2 his mother died, and then his father also died when he was 11. He was then placed in an orphanage but eventually runs away and also drops out of school in the sixth grade. He was eventually taken in by a local family in the Arthur Avenue area of The Bronx, New York.

In 1986 he was alleged to have beaten a man to death with a Louisville Slugger baseball bat, but was not convicted as the key witness was a woman of ill repute.

In 1993 he was convicted on charges that he tried to use a counterfeit birth certificate to obtain an American passport. His explanation for the fraud was that he needed the passport in order to make a trip to London, United Kingdom to open a business. He bought a fake blank birth certificate for $50 and tried to use that as he did not have a birth certificate of his own. It was only later, he insisted, that he found out that he'd actually been born in a refugee camp in Trieste, Italy. He pleaded guilty to the charge and served one year on probation.

On 19 March 2000, when he was returning to the United States from a Caribbean cruise with his family, the immigration authorities challenged his right to remain as a permanent resident citizen in the U.S. The reason for this was his 1993 conviction of fraud in regards to his birth certificate.

Gambino crime family

Mustafa was a regular at the Ravenite Social Club, which was frequented by the Gambino crime family. He was spotted at the club by the FBI 115 times during a three year span in the 1980s.


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