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Zed Shaw

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Occupation  Software developer
Name  Zed Shaw

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Books  Learn Python the Hard Way: A Very Simple Introduction to the Terrifyingly Beautiful World of Computers and Code

R p 2012 the scams that derail programming motherfucker zed shaw creator of mongrel

Zed A. Shaw is a software developer most commonly known for creating the Mongrel web server for Ruby web applications, as well as his articles on technology, business, and technical communities. His most famous and well-covered piece was his article called "Rails is a Ghetto" which has since been removed from his site. Zed is also behind an initiative entitled, "Programming, Motherfucker" the manifesto for which he claims that his group of programmers are "tired of being told we're autistic idiots who need to be manipulated to work in a Forced Pair Programming chain gang."


Zed Shaw Zed Shaw to Give His Final Talk at BubbleConf 2013

Djangocon eu 2013 zed shaw the imaginative programmer


Zed Shaw Zed Shaw39s joke DjangoCon Europe 2013 YouTube

Shaw authored the Mongrel web server for Ruby web applications. Mongrel was the first web server used by Twitter, and inspired Node.js, according to its creator Ryan Dahl. Mongrel2 is the language-agnostic successor to Mongrel.

He has also written a Python mail server called Lamson, on which the mailing list site LibreList is built.

Learn Code the Hard Way

Shaw is the author of, which offers to teach users Python, Ruby, C, Regex, and SQL.

Python 3

Shaw does not consider Python 3 as a language suitable for beginners, citing issues such as strings being statically typed between bytes or UTF-8 characters, the multiple string formatting options, and the community's insistence on pushing problematic early releases of the language. Nonetheless, in February 2017 he published a first draft of Learn Python 3 The Hard Way.

He sarcastically declared in November 2016 that "Python 3 is not Turing complete" due to claims from Python project developers that Python 2 code cannot be made to run in the Python 3 VM.

Criticism of certain behaviours within startup culture

Shaw has spoken about the amounts of vague and misleading information that is pervasive on the startup and entrepreneur culture, particularly concerning self-proclaimed startup advisors or entrepreneurship "gurus", having demonstrated publicly how some notable figures in the industry appear to speak and provide advice from a background of success that they never actually attained.


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  • Learn Python the Hard Way. Self-published (1st and 2nd Editions), 2010 and 2011. ISBN 978-0321884916 and ISBN 978-1257853212
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