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Zaporizhzhya National Technical University

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Established  1900
Website  [1]
Number of students  7,403
Motto  Vivere est cogitare
Location  Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
Phone  +380 6176 42506
Founded  1900
Rector  Belikov Sergiy Borysovych
Address  Zhukovs'koho St, 64, Zaporizhzhia, Zaporiz'ka oblast, Ukraine, 69000
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Russian Empire

Zaporizhzhya National Technical University (ZNTU) started in 1900 as a seven-year mechanical technical vocational college, preparing technic – mechanics specialists. The sometime together with education creation of main buildings was carried out. Very quickly the main three-storied building was built. Currently the main building of ZNTU, this housed lecture rooms, physical and mechanical studies, laboratories, assembly hall and a shop selling ready-made products.


At the end of its first decade 240 people studied in the college. Graduates from the college successfully worked at machine-construction enterprises promoting the rise of colleges reputation. It was considered to be one of the best not only in Ukraine, but in Europe.


In 1920 the college was reorganized into Zaporizhzhya industrial technical school with four year studies (possessing some rights of high school). From November 1922 to 1930 the industrial school was the educational enterprise training engineer-mechanics for agricultural machine construction and general machine construction. Many graduates became leading industrial specialists and statesmen. In 1930 the technical school was reorganized into Zaporizhzhya Agricultural Engineering Institute training specialists in four subjects: tractor and agricultural engineering, metal treatment and foundry.

In the 10 years before the start of the Great Patriotic War, 782 people got engineer’s diplomas and worked at Zaporizhzhya’s plants. During the war, more than 500 students and lecturers went to the front, 52 people studied at the artillery academy named after F.E. Dzerzhinsky, 30 people finished accelerated courses of armored academy. More than 300 students and lecturers were awarded State orders and medals. More than 50 members of the technical school did not return from the front.

After Zaporizhzhya was liberated in 1944 Zaporizhzhya automechanical institute was organized and three years later it became Zaporizhzhya Agricultural Engineering Institute, until 1957 whein it was renamed Zaporizhzhya Machine construction Institute (ZMI). In 1980 ZMI received the Badge of Honor for the preparation of highly qualified professionals. Between 1930-1990 institute prepared 40,000 engineers, including 825 for foreign countries.


Zaporizhzhya State Technical University was created by a Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decision dated 20 April 1994. In August 2001 according to Ukrainian President’s Decree ZSTU was awarded the status of a National institution. During 2006-2007 separate structural units: Berdyansk machine construction college, Tokmak mechanical school, Zaporizhzhya college of radioelectronics, Zaporizhzhya electrotechnical college and Humanitarian college entered the university.

Campuses and buildings

University campus occupies territory of 14,2 hectares including:

  • Educational zone – 7.8 hectares;
  • Living zone with hostels – 2.25 hectares;
  • Recreation zone – 3.8 hectares;
  • Other – 0.35 hectares.
  • Those territories include 7 educational buildings, sport complex, administrative and business buildings. There are 5 hostels in the university with living space of 25 000 sq.m. ensuring 100% students accommodation. One of the hostels is used for married students’ couples.

    The main building of the university hosts canteen, assembly hall, editorial and publishing departments, center of computer technologies as well as auditoriums, laboratories, computer classes. There are 43 computer classes governed by faculties and chairs. Computers are also used in many of university’s laboratories, where laboratory equipment is combined with computers used for investigations of different algorithms and technologies. Total number of modern computers used for educational purposes equals 1430 units. Wi-Fi technologies are introduced in the university.

    Besides. University leads Ukrainian high school using NTUU “KPI” cluster. Scientifical supervisor of supercomputer calculation center A. Petrenko showed the application of cluster power by different organizations. According to diagram showed in this report in 2009 ZNTU used more than 15 percent processing time of NTUU “KPI” cluster.

    University owns four scientific lending libraries, 8 reading halls with 454 seats. Library computer net equipped by 2 servers, 7 scanners, 7 printers, 2 copy machines and 76 computers connected into joint communicational net. Electronic library effectively increase sticking of funds with electronic text-books and methodical materials created by university lecturers.

    Institutes and faculties

    There are 6 institutes, 12 departments and center for skill improvement, extension and advanced courses.

    Institure of Machine Construction

    (director – L.I. Ivshenko, D.Sci., Prof.)

    Machine Construction Department

    (dean – V.I. Glushko, Cand. Sci., Assist.Prof.)

    prepares professionals in the following specialties:

  • Machine Construction Technology;
  • Aviation Engines and Power plants Production Technology;
  • Metal-cutting Lathes and Systems;
  • Machine building Constructions Plastic making Equipment and Technology; Winding, Construction, Road Building Machines and Equipment;
  • engines and aircraft energy units.
  • Transportation and Logistics Department

    (dean – V.F. Kozirev, Cand. Sci., Assist.Prof.)

    prepares professionals in the following specialties:

  • Internal Combustion Engines;
  • Wheel and Caterpillar Vehicles;
  • Logistics and Transportation Management;
  • Traffic Organization and Regulation;
  • Transportation Systems.
  • Institute of Physics and Engineering

    (director – V.V. Luniov, D.Sci., Prof.)

    Physics and Engineering Department

    (dean – O.V. Klimov, Cand Sci. Prof.)

    prepares professionals in the following specialties:

  • Foundry Technologies of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metalsand Alloys;
  • Foundry Equipment and Technology;
  • Applied Material Science;
  • Welding Technology and Equipment;
  • Details and Constructions Restoration and Wearability.
  • Electrical Engineering Department

    (dean – V.P. Metelsky, Cand. Sci., Prof.)

    prepares professionals in the following specialties:

  • Electrical Machines and Apparatuses;
  • Electric Drive and Electromechanical Automation Systems;
  • Electrotechnical Systems of Energy Consumption;
  • Energy Management;
  • Electromechanical Equipment of Power-Consuming Plants.
  • Institute of Information Science and Radioelectronics

    (director – D.M. Piza, D. Sci., Prof.)

    Radioengineering Department

    (dean – V.S. Kabak., Cand. Sci., Assist. Prof.)

    prepares professionals in the following specialties:

  • Radio Engineering;
  • Computer Systems and Networks;
  • Information Technical Protection Systems and Information processing automation;
  • Informational and Communication Systems Security, Electronics;
  • Radio-electronic devices and equipment;
  • Intellectual technologies of microsystems radioelectronic technics;
  • Microelectronics and Semi-Conductor Devices;
  • Quality, Standardization and Certification.
  • Information Science and Computer Engineering Department

    (dean – M.M. Kasyan, Cand.Sci., Assist.Prof.)

    prepares professionals in the following specialties:

  • Computer Systems and Networks;
  • Customized Computer Systems;
  • Systems Software;
  • Systems of Artificial Intellect;
  • Engineering of Software;
  • Information Technology Design;
  • Systems Analysis and Management.
  • Institure of Economics and Humanities

    (director – P.V. Gudz, D.Sci. Prof.)

    Economics and Management Department

    (dean – V.V. Korolkov, Cand. Sci. Assist. Prof.)

    prepares professionals in the following specialties:

  • Organizational Management and Administration;
  • Marketing;
  • Finance and Credits;
  • Accounting and Audit.

    Humanities Department

    (dean – M.V. Dedkov, Cand.Sci.,Assist.Prof.)

    prepares specialists in the following specialties:

  • International Relations;
  • Translation;
  • Design.
  • Law and Management Institute

    (director – V.M. Zaytseva, Cand. Sci. Prof.)

    International Tourism and Management Department

    (dean – E.A. Vasylieva, Cand. Sci., Assist. Prof.)

    prepares specialists in the following specialties:

  • tourism management,
  • human resources and work economy management.
  • Humanity and Law Department

    (dean – T.A. Hayvoronskaya, Cand. Sci. Assist.Prof.)

    prepares specialists in the following specialties:

  • law science;
  • psychology;
  • sociology;
  • Journalism.
  • Physical Culture and Sport Management Department

    (dean – I.V. Pushina, Cand. Sci. Assist. Prof.)

    prepares specialists in the following specialties:

  • physical training;
  • physical rehabilitation
  • Institute of Professional Training

    (director – S.T. Yarimbash, Cand. Sci., Assist. Prof.)

    Common Technical Department

    (dean – E.P. Sokolov, Cand. Sci., Assist. Prof.);

    Center for skill improvement, extension and Advanced Courses (director – N.N. Sytnikov, Cand. Sci., Assist. Prof.) prepares specialists in the following specialties:

  • Computer Systems and Networks;
  • Automation Systems Software;
  • Organizational Management;
  • Finance and Credits;
  • Marketing;
  • Accounting and Audit.
  • Famous alumni

  • Sergiy Byelikov – ZNTU Rector, Dr. Tech. Sci, Prof. Distinguished educator of Ukraine, Laureate of State Award in science and Technics ru:Беликов, Сергей Борисович
  • Viacheslav Boguslaev – industrial, scientific, public and political activist, Hero of Ukraine, People’s Deputy of Ukraine. Since 1994 – head of administrative board, director-general JSV “Motor Sich”. Sinnce 2011 – Head of directors council of JSV “Motor Sich” ru:Богуслаев, Вячеслав Александрович
  • Nikolai Evdokimenko – head of administrative board of JSV “Zaporizhzhya automobile plant”, deputy of Zaporizhzhya district council of VI convocation, vice-chairman of permanent commission on economical development, industrial policy and investments of district council [2]
  • Eugeny Kartashov – Ukrainian statesman, head of Zaporizhzhya state administration (1999, 2001-2003), Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to Kazakhstan, Zaporizhzhya mayor (2003-2010) ru:Карташов, Евгений Григорьевич
  • Igor Kleiner – director – general of JST “Zaporizhtransformator” plant, deputy of Zaporizhzhya district council of Region party [3]
  • Vladimir Kuratchenko – director-general of production joint “Radiopribor” (1990-1997), head of Zaporizhzhya state administration (1998-1999, 1999-2000), First-Prime-Minister of Ukraine (1999) ru:Куратченко, Владимир Александрович
  • Viktor Lakomsky – Associate Member of National Academy of sciences of Ukraine, head of department of plasmatechnologies in Electricwelding institute named after E.Paton [4]
  • Anatoly Mayoretz – soviet state and economical person, Deputy of Supreme Soviet of USSR (10-11 convocation), candidate of General Committee Communist Party member 1981-1986, member of General Committee Party 1986-1990 ru:Майорец, Анатолий Иванович
  • Valery Malev – Ukrainian statesman, member of National security and safety council of Ukraine (1996-2002)ru:Малев, Валерий Иванович
  • Vasily Omelchenko – director of ZaporizhzhyaMotorbuilding Plant (1958-1974), director general of Zaporizhzhya production joint “Motorbuilding” (1974-1987), Dr. Sci.(1977), Prof.(1982), Honored Scientist of Ukraine (1978), Hero of Socialist Labour (1966), Honored Aviabuilder (1986) uk:Омельченко Василь Іванович
  • GeorgyPeychev – first deputy chief, chief engineer of state enterprise “Zaporizhzhyamachinebuilding construction bureau Ivchenko-Progress” [5]
  • Boris Petrov – Head of Zaporizhzhya State Administration (2010-2011), member of Political Council of Region Party ru:Петров, Борис Фёдорович (политик)
  • Igor Presnyak – Director of State Enterprise “Scientific- industrial complex Iskra” [6]
  • Yury Shulte – Dr. Tech. Sci., Prof., Associate member of Academy of Science of Ukraine, Laureate of Lenin’s Award, Honored Specialist in Science and Technics.
  • Awards and reputation

    Recent years several estimations of high school activities were done both by employers and on national level. In such ratings best high schools take part. According to integrated estimations Zaporizhzhya National Technical University gets marks above medium in Ukraine. University is leading high school in South East of Ukraine. Possessing highest IV level of accreditation. Prepares highly qualified specialists in 51 specialties of technical, computer, economical and humanitarian directions.


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