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Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy

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Type  State university
Location  Zaporizhia, Ukraine
Phone  +380 612 369 034
Number of students  14,000
Established  1959
Founded  1959
Rector  Dr. Pozhuev Vladimir Ivanovich
Address  69006, Sobornyi Ave, 226, Zaporizhia, Zaporiz'ka oblast, Ukraine
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Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy (ZSEA) - (translit. "Zaporiz'ka Deržavna Inženerna Akademija") originally Zaporizhia Industrial institute of IV Accreditation level.


Since 2003, the Rector (President) of ZSEA is Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine Dr. Pozhuev Volodymyr Ivanovych.


Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy was founded in 1959 by the Ministry of Higher Education of USSR as the evening faculty of Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute. Since 1965 it was a branch of DmetI and since 1976 it became Zaporizhia Industrial Institute. Under the leadership of M. Potebnya from a provincial university it became one of the most prominent and fast developing universities not only in Ukraine but in the whole Soviet Union. By Resolution of the Government of Ukraine # 592 issued on 29.08.1994, Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy was founded on the basis of Zaporizhia Industrial Institute. During its 50-year existence due to a good start it has grown from a branch of a provincial institute into an Academy. Graduates from the Academy completely meet industrial region requirements for staff.

Campuses and buildings

The educational complex fully Academy occupies is one city block, which has three main structures, training campus (total area - 9769.7 m), teaching laboratory (8706.9 m), laboratory campus (9043.6 m).

The campus consists of two high-rise residences: № 1, the total area of 7009.6 square meters (320 places) and hostel number 2, an area of 7850.2 square meters, designed for 640 places that have the necessary infrastructure and are located near the educational complex. Sports and physical culture complex on the island of Khortytsya has 3 main buildings with a total area of 5857, 8 m and dining area of 464.8 sq.m. On the shore of the Sea of Azov there is recreation "Montazhnik", where the Academy has a proprietary of 45 places.

Metallurgical Faculty

Directions: metallurgy, engineering, ecology, environmental protection and balanced use of natural resources


  • ferrous metals
  • ferrous metallurgy
  • metal forming
  • metallurgical equipment
  • Faculty of Construction and Water Resources

    Directions: construction, hydraulics (water recourses)


  • industrial and civil
  • construction
  • Urban Construction and Management
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Faculty of Resources and Energy Efficiency

    Directions: heat power, hydropower, electrical technologies


  • heating,
  • hydropower,
  • energy management
  • Faculty of Information and Computer Technology

    Directions: software engineering, automation and computer integrated technologies, micro-and nano-electronics, electronic systems


  • software systems provision
  • automatic process control, physical and biomedical electronics
  • electronic systems
  • Faculty of Economics and Management

    Directions: enterprise economy, economic cybernetics, finance and credit, accounting and auditing, management


  • enterprise economy
  • economic cybernetics
  • credit and finance
  • accounting and auditing
  • management of organization and
  • administration
  • Retraining of personnel

    The Academy gives the opportunity to obtain a second degree simultaneously with the first one or at the Faculty of Postgraduate Education, as well as doctoral studies and postgraduate studies.


    Department of Ferrous Metals

    Department of Labour Protection and Ecology of metallurgical production

    Department of Graphics and Descriptive Geometry

    Department of Physical Education and Sport

    Department of Metallurgical Equipment

    Department of Metal Forming

    Department of Non-Ferrous Metals

    Department of Chemistry

    Department of Economics Enterprises

    Department of Economic Cybernetics

    Department of Ukrainian Studies

    Department of Foreign Languages

    Department of Finance

    Department of Management Organizations

    Department of Accounting and Auditing

    Department of Economic Theory

    Department of Philosophy and Political Science

    Department of Industrial and civil construction

    Department of Urban Construction and Assets

    Department of Water Supply and Sanitation

    Department of Applied Mechanics and Construction

    Department of Software of automated systems

    Department of Automated process control

    Department of Higher and Applied Mathematics

    Department of Physical and Biomedical Electronics

    Department of Electronic systems

    Department of Physics

    Department of Thermal Engineering

    Department of Hydropower

    Department of Energy Management

    Advanced Technology

    To provide high quality educational process there are computer labs in the Academy, which are connected to a high-speed network and equipped by contemporary multimedia computers, which allow to develop modern economic information systems, modeling systems, prognosing and studying of micro-and macro-economic processes. There is the Information and Computer Center (a special ZSEA department) which organises, controls, coordinates, monitors and implements activities to ensure the smooth hardware and software functioning and development in ZSEA.


    There are around 14000 students in the Academy. Students often participate in various activities: gathering, ceremonial meetings (e.g. ritual self-burning of full-size doll of the Rector, usually provided by recently graduated students in the beginning of the academic year to wish good luck to first year students ;-) ), business meetings and concerts, festivals. Students sport achievements - it is one of successful activities developed by the Academy. Students of the Academy became the Olympic champions, took silver medals. The is 11 Masters of sport of fencing prepared by the Academy. The Academy provides an opportunity to engage in basketball, athletics, volleyball, competitions in various sports.


    Educational process and research activities is provided by 447 teachers, including 49 professors, 223 PhDs.


    The Academy has two student dormitories for up to 1280 people with the total area of 14850 sq.m. The dormitories provide all conditions for comfortable stay, independent work and studying.

    The special contribution to health protection and promotion of students makes a health centre, the only one among university health centres in Ukraine was awarded the highest category and operates in continuous mode. It consists of doctor offices, surgeries, inhaler facilities, physiotherapy hall, physiotherapy departments as well as other special medical equipment.

    All buildings, constructions, utilities are maintained by Technical Department. This department duties also include supplying the Academy with all necessary equipment and stuff for functioning as well as for studying process.

    Co-operation and international links

    The Academy cooperates with Zaporizhzhya Law Institute (ZLI). Academy students study at ZLI jurisprudence and receive a law degree. There is International Department in the Academy. Since 1998 a lot of work has been done in the international cooperation area, networking and liaisoning with regional, domestic and international funds and organizations that administer international academic and scientific exchange programs. It also familiarizes students, post-graduate students and staff with current academic programs, grants, internships and provides a comprehensive assistance as to participation in them. Academy students and post-graduated students have the opportunity to participate in competitions for scholarships and abroad internships. Students also have the opportunity during their summer holidays to work and travel the countries of Western Europe, USA. After March 2006 a reorganization of the International Department was made by merging it with the Preparatory Department for Foreigners. The Academy followed the principle: an engineer must possess computer technology knowledge and has to know a foreign language. In implementing this principle in practice, ZDIA created Linguistic Center, where students can improve their knowledge of English, German, or French, learn Italian and Spanish. Graduates trained in the linguistic centers have internships in universities of Germany, Finland, or Ireland to earn a master's degree. During the last 3 years the Academy has been collaborating with the National Committee of IAESTE, which organizes research and student exchanges, and includes 54 universities of Ukraine, operates under the aegis of the UN and brings together the national committees in 65 countries worldwide.

    Famous alumni

  • Yuri Lagutin, Mikhail Ishchenko, Alexander Rezanov, Sergei Kushniruk and Alexander Shipenko - Olympic Champions.
  • Valentina Lutaeva – member of handball team of the USSR - the winner of the Olympic Games in Montreal and Moscow.
  • International Master of Sport Fencing Tatiana Chernyavskaya - world champion (1986), silver medalist of the World Student Games in Japan.
  • Oleksandr Sin - Mayor of Zaporizhia
  • Bastryga, Ivan Mikhailovich - General Director of Zaporizhia Aluminium Combine
  • Fedotov, Alexander - Chairman of the Board of Zaporizhia Aluminium Combine
  • Awards and reputation

    Magazine "Money" in its issue dated 24.03.2011 published the results of rating higher education by employers (Google, Atlanticgroup, METRO Cash and Kerrі Ukraine, the company "Sandora", MTS Ukraine, and others.). ZSEA became one of the twenty best technical universities of Ukraine (15th place).

    In the rating of universities made by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport conducted in 2012 in group of "technical universities" made by the criteria of "Resource provision of the educational process," Academy came second and third with KhNURE.


  • Запорізька область: природа, історія, архітектура, культура, економіка: Ілюстрована енциклопедія.- Запоріжжя: Dicke field, 2004. - 540 pp.
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