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Country  Mexico
State  Tlaxcala
Founded  Agustin de Castaneda
Mayor  Francisco Roman Sanchez

Zacatelco is a municipality in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala. It is located in the Valle de Tlaxcala-Puebla and is part of the Metropolitan area of Puebla. Zacatelco is the head of the third Federal Electoral District of Tlaxcala. It is also home to one of the most prominent revolutionary in the history of Tlaxcala, Domingo Arenas.


Map of Zacatelco


Zacatelco in the past, History of Zacatelco

The first human settlements discovered in Zacatelco correspond to culture or cultural Tlatempa phase, between 1200 B. C. and 800 B. C. These settlements are a scattered village and a town, probably the same Zacatelco, where high architectural structure in the boundary is observed with the present municipality of Tepeyanco.

Zacatelco in the past, History of Zacatelco

Between 800 to 350 B. C., the Texoloc phase and develops according to the mapping done by the Puebla-Tlaxcala Archaeological Project (PAPT), in the town of Zacatelco a large town or city is located adjacent to Cholula. For Tezoquipan phase, in the area now occupied by the town of Zacatelco, you can locate a town bordering Cholula, also it is known that there was contact with two villages and a people more than the municipalities of Tepeyanco and Tetlatlahuca. Although there is no evidence of the existence of sites in what is now Zacatelco, if it is known that during this phase was under the influence of Cholula and stay there apparently.

Despite this, most historians refer only to the four domains that form the Republic of Tlaxcala and the arrival of the Spaniards their chiefs are the lords of Tlaxcala. According to this division, Zacatelco belonged to the lordship of Ocotelulco until the arrival of Hispanics on tlaxcaltecas land


Zacatelco Beautiful Landscapes of Zacatelco

Located in the Mexican plateau 2,210 meters above sea level, the town of Zacatelco is located in a geographic coordinate axis between 19 degrees 13 minutes north latitude and 98 degrees 14 minutes west longitude.

Zacatelco Beautiful Landscapes of Zacatelco

Located south of the state in Poblano-Tlaxcala Valley, the town of Zacatelco bordered on the north by the municipalities of San Lorenzo Axocomanitla Tepeyanco and southern borders with the state of Puebla, east boundaries set by the municipalities of Santa Catarina Ayometla Santa Cruz Xicohtzinco Quilehtla and also to the west borders the municipalities of Tetlatlahuca and Nativitas, forming and one of the municipalities of the Metropolitan area of Puebla.


Zacatelco Culture of Zacatelco

Zacatelco Fair, which is a combination of faith, tradition and culture. The festival is in honor of the virgin St. Agnes, which stands as the patron of Zacatelco since December 1, 1529. It is celebrated on January 21 every year. This community festival is celebrated with artistic, cultural, sporting and religious order activities.

Zacatelco Culture of Zacatelco

It is customary in most inhabitants of this city entertain guests on the day of the fair with a special food offered to celebrate the occasion which usually consists of rice, mole poblano and sometimes barbecue.

If you have the fortune to have a friend, relative or acquaintance native to this region and in correspondence to their friendship or cronyism invites you to the "village fair" surely enjoy a delicious meal. Therefore, a guest is a good idea to get a present, which can be fruits, bread or expend party right there.


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