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Yuri Anikeev

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Yuri Anikeev (born June 11, 1983) is a Ukrainian player in the International and Brazilian draughts. He is World Championship winner in 2004 (Brazilian draughts) and winner 2016 Draughts World Championship (rapid), many times champion of Ukraine in International draughts and draughts-64. International Grandmaster (GMI).


He lives in Kharkiv.

Anikeev was disqualified by the International Draughts Federation (IDF) from participation "in all official IDF competitions on the three years up to December 15, 2019." IDF cites breach of its code of ethics as the reason for the suspension. Akineev claims that his political views as well as his wearing a Ukrainian embroidered shirt at international tournaments are the real reason for the suspension. Akineev publicly voiced his criticism of Russia's annexation of Crimea and its invasions in Georgia and Eastern Ukraine. IDF is based in Saint Petersburg, with seven out of nine board members being Russian nationals (as of January 2017).

International draughts

  • 2007 (6 place)
  • 2013 (4 place)
  • Brazilian draughts

  • 2002 (3 place)
  • 2004 (1 place)
  • 2008 (2 place)
  • International draughts

  • 2006 (12 place)
  • 2008 (26 place)
  • 2012 (23 place)
  • 2014 (19 place)
  • International tournaments

  • 2006: Salou Open (2 place)
  • 2008: Salou Open (3 place)
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