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Youxin Yang

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Name  Youxin Yang
Role  Scientist
Movies  Feuille

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Youxin Yang (Chinese: 杨有新), M.D., Ph.D., is an award-winning scientist, screenwriter, director, songwriter, and painter.




Youxin Yang Youxin Yang

Youxin Yang was born in Xuzhou, China. After finishing her medical education in Nanjing, she received her PhD from Paris VI University (Marie Curie University). She was awarded a prize from the Association for the Study of Pediatric Pathology for her work on the WT1 Gene in Denys Drash Syndrome and Diffuse Mesangial Sclerosis.

Screenwriter and Director


Feuille (Leaf in English), the first feature film by Youxin Yang, won the Remi Platinum Award at the 37th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, Accolade Award (Award of Excellence), and Best Drama at the 2004 New York International Independent Film and video Festival.

Youxin Yang Youxin Yang

WorldFest is the oldest independent Film and Video festival in the world. According to the Remi winners listed in WorldFest history, Youxin Yang was the first Chinese female writer/director/leading actress to win the Remi Platinum Award in 2004. Previously, Luo Yan won the Special Jury Award in 1996 for the film Red Cherry, which was directed by Mr. Ye Ying. Mr. Ang Lee and Mr. Edward Yang are two other Remi Award winning directors from China.

Youxin Yang Leaf Musical Version Written and Directed by Youxin Yang MD

Feuille tells a story of two female artists, a Chinese painter Meihua (Youxin Yang), and a French photographer (Sabine Bail).


The original version of Feuille was a long feature film, shot in Paris in 1998. It tells a story of a Chinese female painter and a French female photographer who, together, experience conflicts dealing with culture and homosexuality. Even so, these characters share in the deeper aspects of human nature: honesty, generosity, and beauty. This film was not shown at that time in China due to the subject matter. It aired on a Shanghai TV channel, but in a modified shorter version under the name Listening to the Rain (15 min).

The filmmakers continued editing through numerous versions until the final feature was acknowledged by winning several awards at international film competitions and festivals. Despite being a small independent production, this film was praised by the World Journal for its description of pure love and the kindness in human nature.


Leaf (Musical Version), with new images and a new theme song True Love Has Only One End, written and composed by Dr. Yang herself, won another Remi Gold Award at the 40th WorldFest Houston on April 28, 2007.

She won the Award of Excellence in 2005 Accolade Competition for writing the song Silent Fire for her second feature film Silent Fire, which also won Best Score at the 2005 New York International Independent Film Festival.

Peace-Melody under Brushes

Youxin Yang is the painter and songwriter of her music video series “Peace-Melody under Brushes”. The images that accompany the music showcase her Peace series of paintings.

Part 1: Baby get rid of that dark obsession please!

This project engages the topic of violence, specifically such violence perpetrated by young people: acts of terrorism and school violence among them. This music video and her Peace series of paintings were shown at the Arts Club of Washington DC in September, and the Watertown Free Public Library in October 2014.

Sandra Gobar, curator for the Arts Club of Washington, said, “Her palette, once on the canvas, is reminiscent of more than a Zen-like experience. She beautifully mesmerizes you with her painfully poetic conversation she engages you in, and invites you into the conversation as well when you look at herwork.”

Her Peace painting was included in an exhibit titled ‘Pursuing Justice Through Art’, which presented by the Whistler House Museum of Art in 2015.

“Baby get rid of that dark obsession please!” was recognized for winning Awards of Merit at Accolade Global Film Competition, and Award of Merit at Best Shorts Film Competition in 2014.

Part 2: God means loving, not killing!

This music video won three Remi Awards in World Peace & Understanding, Historical, and Film & Video Art categories respectively at the 48th Annual WorldFest Houston International Independent Film Festival.

“God means loving, not killing!” was a New Age category winner of the 2016 American Songwriting Awards.

Child singers featured in the video include Avery Tyler Brown, Mia Papazian, and Tamsen Rosalia Peralta-Virtue.

Part 3: Mr. Or Ms. President, We Can Feel Safe Only If The Innocent In Other Landscapes Feel The Same.

Musical art film “Mr. Or Ms. President, We Can Feel Safe Only If The Innocent In Other Landscapes Feel The Same” was hosted at the 2016 ArtPrize venue Blue Bridge.

“Youxin took top honors for her artwork at the National Woman of Achievement Competition. Born in China, and now living in the U.S., Youxin’s passion is cancer research and promoting peace through internationally recognizable concepts in art.” She was honored with title of Queen of Distinction at the Woman of Achievement Pageant.


She was a Grand Jury Award winner at the 2005 New York International Art Festival.

Her painting Dialogue between History and Modern I was a winner at the 2008 WCA national Featured Member Artist Competition.

Her work “Dialogue between History and Modern II” and “Peace III” won the 1st Place Award and Honorable Mention respectively at the “People, Faces, and Figures” leading artists gallery art exhibition in 2013. The juror Maud Taber-Thomas’s critique: "This piece is truly beautiful in the way the characters of the writing take on a life and personality of their own, participating in the overall sense of movement in the piece. The characters become active “characters” in the drama of the composition, recreating in reverse the evolution from pictures to pictograms to symbols that led to modern writing. The unusual composition and the judicious use of delicate color also make this a very striking piece."

Her paintings have been featured internationally in solo exhibitions at the Espace Richelieu in Paris, France, L'Essence Art Gallery in Boston, the Cultural Exchange Center in east Boston, USA, and the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in British Columbia, Canada.

Articles written by two French art historians, and several Chinese journalists, along with her recent paintings, were collected into a book entitled "Youxin Yang, M.D., Ph.D.: An Artist and Scientist". These collected biographical Chinese articles were from, The European Times, Europe Journal, Modern Family, The Chinese Journal of Youth the Youth References, and World Journal.

Peace Art Exhibition

Peace, solo art exhibition by Chinese-American artist Youxin Yang was held at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in British Columbia, Canada in April 2012.

Her painting “Peace 1” shows seven babies of different ethnicities above two rows of world leaders, including former president George W. Bush and President Barack Obama, who are among the representatives of the positive and peaceful. The other row contains negative figures from history, including German leader Adolph Hitler and al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden. There is a “bubble” of peace between the babies and the leaders, which indicates the responsibility the good world leaders have to protect the innocent. Peace 1 won second place award in water media at the Highlands Museum and Discovery Center’s National Juried Art Show 2013.

Her painting “Peace III” was chosen for inclusion in the 26th Annual September Competition presented by the Alexandria Museum of Art.

“Peace II, 2012”, “Peace IV, 2013”, “Peace I, 2012” and “Peace VI-Boston Marathon 2013” won 2013 American Art Award in pastel category.

“Peace VI-Boston Marathon 2013” was painted with words: Terror, terrorist, whichever evil, Do you have to validate your existence by destroying the lives of innocent people who have never, ever hurt you?

The 2013 Stoney Award cash prize for most overall wins by one artist goes to Youxin Yang of Massachusetts, USA. Her watercolors, oils and inks vary from soothing portraiture to high-minded political retrospectives and subsequently won a dozen awards in the 2013 American Art Award’s 52 categories.


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