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Yinon Yahel

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Birth name  Yinon Yahel
Role  DJ
Name  Yinon Yahel

Years active  2001–present
Origin  Israel
Albums  Shine Remixes
Yinon Yahel Remix from Rehovot Arts amp Culture Jerusalem Post

Born  August 26, 1978 (age 37) (1978-08-26)
Genres  House, R&B, electronic,
Occupation(s)  Record Producer, songwriter, DJ
Similar People  Maya Simantov, Offer Nissim, Meital De Razon, Lorena Simpson, Yahel Sherman

Yinon yahel special set dj vitali maximov la v mix 2013

Yinon Yahel (Hebrew: ינון יהל‎‎; born August 26, 1978), is an Israeli DJ/music producer.


Yinon Yahel Yinon Yahel Feat Maya Simantov Like It When We Do

Maya simantov feat offer nissim yinon yahel special set vol 3 dj vitali la v mix 2013

Musical career

He began his musical career during the mid to late 90's. He was the keyboardist for a famous Israeli rock band 'Eman'. At the age of 15, Eman was the youngest group to sign a major record deal in Israel.

Following a successful career with the rock band, Yinon garnered respect as he directed towards his current and significant role as a music producer and performing DJ. His recognizable talent lead him to work with another producer by the name of Yossi Sidi on the most successful talk show in Israel known as 'The Dudu Topaz Show'.

Shortly after the arrival of the new millennium, Yinon had become an established producer in Israel. Around this time, he teamed up with a well known Israeli DJ/Producer, Offer Nissim, as well as a talented singer, songwriter and composer, Maya Simantov also known as "Maya". Yinons' musical artistry brought about international recognition in 2004/05 upon release of the hit album "First Time" (DJ Offer Nissim ft. Maya) courtesy of Star69 Records USA. The album 'First Time' received a warm debut on electronic dance charts worldwide including the internationally acclaimed Billboard Charts. In a short period, three singles from the album made its way up the Billboard Club/Dance Play charts including "First Time" (top 10), "Searching" (top 20) and "That the Way I like it" (top 20).

By 2005-06, Yinon had made an expansion throughout the dance community. In light of his tremendous work and dedication in the studio, Yinon was offered to be part of remix assignments for established artists such as Deborah Cox, Kristine W., Deborah Coopers, Amuka, Suzanne Palmer and more which concluded in hits such as "Easy as Life" #1, Kristine W. "Wonder of it All" #1, Deborah Cooper "Love you all Over" #2, Amuka's "I want more" topping #1 on the Billboard Dance Charts, as well as Suzanne Palmer's "Home" & "Fascinated" both reaching Top 10. Current projects include upcoming releases for Yinons debut album & "Maya's" second album with DJ Offer Nissim.

More recently, Yinon has been engaged in mainstream productions for major R&B artists including Donnie Klang & Danity Kane where he made appearance on the hit show "MTV Making the Band 4" with P. Diddy; in addition to writing & producing for multi-platinum recording artist Ashanti, Bad Boy Records Cassie and most recently P. Diddy.


  • "First Time" by Offer Nissim feat. Maya
  • “Searching” by Offer Nissim
  • “Forever Tel Aviv” by Offer Nissim
  • “Happy People - Summer Edition” by Offer Nissim
  • “Happy People - Winter Edition” by Offer Nissim
  • “Pride All Over” by Offer Nissim
  • “Over You” by Offer Nissim feat. Maya Simantov
  • Songs

  • "Beautiful Eyes" by Ivri Lider
  • 2003
  • "Thats the way I Like it" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • 2004
  • "Alone" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "Anything" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "Searching" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "Only You" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "Boys" by Ivri Lider & Henree (remix)
  • "Cindarella Rockefella" by Intermission
  • "I Want More" by Amuka
  • "Such a Shame" by Talk Talk
  • "Easy as Life" by Deborah Cox (Remix)
  • "Home" by Suzanne Palmer
  • "The Wonder of it All" by Kristine W.
  • "Live yoU all Over" by Deborah Cooper
  • 2005
  • "Rain" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "Fascinated" by Suzanne Palmer (Remix)
  • "Twisted" by (Club 69 Remixes)
  • "Something About You" by Tony Moran
  • "Jerusalem of Gold" by Rita (Remix)
  • "Power of Love" by Donna Summer (Remix)
  • "Im Nin'Alu" by Madonna vs Ofra Haza (Remix)
  • "Heartbreaking" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "On My Own" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "Kol ha Olam" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "First Time" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "Summer Night City" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • 2006
  • "Jump" by Madonna (Remix)
  • "Free My Love" by Suzanne Palmer (Remix)
  • "Nights in White Satin" by Ivri Lider (Remix)
  • "Keep the Faith" by Suzanne Palmer (Remix)
  • "Hurt" by Christina Aguilera (Remix)
  • "SOS" by ABBA (Remix)
  • 2007
  • "Eye Can See U" by Suzanne Palmer
  • "Another Cha Cha" by Offer Nissim
  • "Candy Man" by Christina Aguilera (Remix)
  • "Que Hiciste" by Jennifer Lopez (Remix)
  • "Appreciate Me at Night" by Amuka(Remix)
  • "Everybody Dance" by Deborah Cox (Remix)
  • "La Passione" by Shirley Bassey (Remix)
  • "Change" by Offer Nissim
  • "Joe Le Taxi" by Vanessa Paradise (Remix)
  • "Manureva '07" by Offer Nissim pres. Alain Chamfort
  • "One Night Only" by Beyoncé (Remix)
  • "Deja Vu" by Beyoncé (Remix)
  • "Eastern Drums" by Offer Nissim pres. Fairuz
  • "Be Alright " by Kristine W. (Remix)
  • "For Your Love" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "Be My Boyfriend" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "Perfect Love" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "Wish you were Here" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "I'm in Love" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "Always" by Amir Fay Gutman
  • 2008
  • "Love" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "Happy People" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "Why" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • 2009
  • "Illusion " by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "Hook Up " by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "You'll Never Know" by Offer Nissim ft. Maya
  • "Beautiful You Are" by Deborah Cox
  • Songs

  • "Love" by Rockell (Remix)
  • "Rain" by Offer Nissim feat. Maya (Remix)
  • 2006
  • "I See Your Face" by Kandita
  • "Beatzzz" by Yinon Yahel
  • 2008
  • "Dr. Love" by Donnie Klang
  • "Just a Rolling Stone" by Donnie Klang
  • "Take You There" by Donnie Klang
  • "My House" Cassie
  • "The Declaration" by Ashanti
  • "She Can't Love You" Danity Kane
  • "Shine" by Yinon Yahel feat. Jesse Labelle
  • "More Beatzzz" by Yinon Yahel
  • "Zeh Sheh Shomer Alay" by Sarit Hadad
  • 2009
  • "Bringing you Home" ft Maya Simantov
  • "I'm Moving along" ft Maya Simantov
  • "Beautiful U R (Remix)" by Deborah Cox
  • "Hook Up" Offer Nissim feat Maya (Remix)
  • "Wish you were here" by Offer Nissim feat Maya (Remix)
  • "I Feel the Music" by Yinon Yahel
  • "Dramatic Beatzzz" by Yinon Yahel
  • "Around" by Yinon Yahel
  • "Love U" by Yinon Yahel
  • "Animal" by Yinon Yahel
  • "I Just Died in your Arms" by Yinon Yahel
  • 2010
  • "Trumpet Boy Disturbia" by Yinon Yahel
  • "Bishvilech" Maya Simantov & Lior Narkis (Yinon Yahel Remix)
  • "JOYRIDE" - Yinon Yahel presents NYE DJ SET
  • "White Is Pure" - Yinon Yahel presents DJ SET
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