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Yellow peppered salamander

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Caudata
Genus  Ambystoma
Higher classification  Mole salamander
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Ambystomatidae
Scientific name  Ambystoma flavipiperatum
Rank  Species
Similar  Blunt‑headed salamander, Mole salamander, Salamander, Granular salamander, Lake Lerma salamander

The Yellow-Peppered Salamander (Ambystoma flavipiperatum) also known as Salamandra de Champala and the Yellow-Headed Salamander, is a species of mole salamander native to areas at an elevation of 4900 ft around Santa Cruz, Rancho Malveste and Tapalpa in Jalisco, Mexico.

It is a large yellow salamander with large dark spots running down its dorsal surface – thus the "Yellow-peppered" designation. This is also the meaning of its species name in Latin. It has almond eyes and a wide body. It was described as most similar to the Blunt-Headed Salamander, Ambystoma amblycephalum.

Larvae have the same coloration as adults, and can be quite large before undergoing metamorphosis. They have long, thick external gills, almond eyes, and tall caudal fins. Neoteny may occur in some individuals, but neotenic populations are not known.


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