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Country  Sri Lanka
Postal code  80150
District  Galle District
Province  Southern Province

Time zone  Sri Lanka Standard Time (UTC+5:30)

Yakkalamulla is a suburb of Galle city. It is located approximately seventeen(17) kilometres from the city centre of Galle, adjacent to Makumbura on the West, Polpagoda(Imaduwa) on the South, Yakkalamulla-Akuressa road via Bangama on the East and Nabadawa on the North. It is a 3-way junction (and nearby area) which connects Yakkalamulla-Makumbura Road, Yakkalamulla-Imaduwa Road and Yakklamulla-Ketanwila(Akuressa) Road .


Map of Yakkalamulla, Sri Lanka

It is originally a working-class and farming area .


Yakkalamulla was ruled under the king of Magama.The Paragoda Raja Maha Vihara, which is situated near Yakkalamulla and built under the patronage of a king is a good example for the patronage of kings given for this region at past. This temple has a Sandakada Pahana (the semi-curved stone placed under steps of Buddhist temples) which belongs to Anuradhapura period which has no carvings(a plain one). And also the temple has one of the 32 Bo-trees sprung from the Jaya-Sri-Maha Bo Tree (Dethis Bo Ankura) being planted there. It also was planted during the Anuradhapura period. Those two evidences show that the history of this area goes to far Anuradhapura period. (In which period a kingdom was in Magama, too)

Local Facilities

  • Supermarkets - Co-op Food City
  • Banks - Bank of Ceylon, Hatton National Bank, People's Bank, Regional Development Bank
  • Schools - Polpagoda Maha Vidyalaya, Nawala Kanishta Vidyalaya, Tellambura Dutugemunu Maha Vidyalaya, Mayakaduwa Vidyalaya, Nabadawa Maha Vidyalaya
  • Yakkalamulla Police Station
  • Filling Station
  • Bus Stand
  • Postal Structure

    The area is served by the Yakkalamulla Post Office.

    Bus Routes

    Yakkalamulla, which is an isolated town between small villages has several bus routes which can be used to access to Galle city and some other suburbs.

    Bus Routes heading via Yakkalamulla to/from Galle :

  • 382 - Akuressa
  • 382/2 - Imaduwa
  • Local Bus Routes terminating at Yakkalamulla :

  • 382/1 - Galle (via Karapitiya)
  • 382/1 A - Akuressa
  • 382/3 - Galle (via Udumalagala-Tellambura)
  • 382/5 - Wathogala
  • 510/1 - Galle (via Atahawula-Thalagampala)
  • 511 - Galle (via Kadurugashena)
  • 372 - Baddegama (via Wandurambe)
  • 372/1 - Galle (via Wandurambe)
  • 372/2 - Akuressa (via Uduwella)
  • 372/3 - Wandurrambe (via Nattewela)
  • 372/4 - Baddegama (via Wandurambe-Sandarawala)
  • 448/1 - Wandurambe (via Nawala-Mabotuwana)
  • 569/4 - Imaduwa (via Mulanagoda -Minuwandeniya-Wadiyawatta)
  • Long Distance Bus Services terminating at Yakkalamulla operated by the SLTB:

  • 393 - Colombo (via Wandurambe-Baddegama-Hikkaduwa)
  • Bus Services via Yakkalamulla :

  • 569 - Ahangama - Makumbura
  • 569 - Koggala - Makumbura (via Ahangama)
  • References

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