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Shoojit Sircar


Yahaan movie poster

Release date
29 July 2005 (2005-07-29)

Yahaan full movie cd 1

Yahaan is a 2005 Indian Hindi war drama, romance film. The cast consists of Jimmy Shergill, Minissha Lamba (In her film debut) and Yashpal Sharma.


Yahaan movie scenes Jimmy Shergill and Minnisha Lamba in Yahaan

Yahaan 2005 full length hindi movie

Plot summary

Yahaan movie scenes The first half of the movie is mostly through Aman s point of view but after intermission Adaa takes over and it s a joy to watch her fight for her man

Adaa (Minissha Lamba) is a Kashmiri woman torn between her army officer lover Aman (Jimmy Shergill) and her jihadi insurgent brother Shakeel (Yashpal Sharma). Trouble ensues when Aman's superiors come to know of his involvement with the sister of a terrorist and implicate him as an accomplice. Thus, Adaa begins a valiant attempt to save Aman from the perils of a court-martial and Shakeel is torn between his family's happiness and safety and his own jehadi cause.

Full story

Kashmir is in turmoil because of terrorists trying to take over the land and the Indian army trying to find and eliminate them. Army commander Aman meets Adaa when posted to Kashmir to fight the insurgents. Adaa lives with her father, grandmother and a mute adopted sister. Adaa's brother Shakeel has joined hands with the terrorists to gain a free Kashmir. Circumstances soon lead to Aman and Adaa falling in love. Aman does not let the army know about his new relationship. He is given the task of finding and eliminating terrorists; he captures their leader, who happens to be Shakeel's mentor. Adaa's family learns about her affair with Aman. Her grandmother approves of the relationship, but her father requests Aman to stay away from them, as their love will not be approved in that place.

A disappointed Aman is then given another mission. Acting on a tip off, he and his men go to raid a terrorist hideout but are attacked by the terrorists. Many insurgents are killed, and Aman and four comrades are taken captive by Shakeel. They demand the release of their leader from the government in exchange for the soldiers. But Adaa finds her brother's hideout, goes there, and pleads with him not to harm Aman. Using the opportunity, Aman breaks free and escapes with Adaa, just as the army besieges the place and rescues the captured army men.

Now Aman and Adaa's affair becomes known to the army. Suspicion falls on Aman that he is in-hand with the terrorists, as he is not at their hideout, and he has run off with Adaa. As soon as he arrives in the city, he is arrested and court marshaled. Adaa does all she can to help Aman. She goes to the chief minister, who agrees to help her but on the condition that she deny any relationship with Aman in public, as it can affect the reputation of the army. Adaa does not agree to that. Instead, on the advice of her mute sister, writes a letter to the prime minister, telling him her story and seeking help for Aman. As fate would have it, she is called by a TV channel for a live interview and to tell her story to the world. This news spreads, and the terrorists are irked. They advise Shakeel to put an end to it all: He takes over a mosque, holding people hostage in exchange for their leader and Adaa's silence. They also bomb Adaa's house (at their leader's orders), injuring her grandmother gravely. Adaa decides to broadcast her story live, no matter what. Shakeel demands from the government that he negotiate with the man who had relationship with his sister: Aman.

In the climax, Aman enters the mosque alone and faces Shakeel. Shakeel beats him black and blue, then sees that his father is one of the hostages in the mosque. At the same time, Adaa tells her story live on TV. Everyone listens to the heart-wrenching tale of the two lovers and a plea for Shakeel to return. Aman tells Shakeel that the terrorist leader had bombed Shakeel's house and his grandmother is in hospital. The terrorists then decide to leave, holding a man and few hostages as guard. As soon as they step out, pre-planned by Aman who is wearing a bulletproof jacket, a sniper commando shoots him. He falls from the impact, thus giving the sniper a chance to aim at other terrorists. The army invades and forces the other terrorists to surrender. In the end, Adaa arrives and they leave the scene together.


  • Jimmy Shergill as Captain Aman
  • Minissha Lamba as Adaa
  • Yashpal Sharma as Shakeel
  • Mukesh Tiwari as Major Rathod
  • Dolly Ahluwalia as Adaa's Dadi
  • Gyan Prakash as Adaa's Father
  • Nizami Bandhu as Singer of Kahoon Kaise Sakhi
  • Nimrat Kaur as Journalist
  • Response

    Yahaan was released along with director Kabir Kaushik's Sehar on 25th July 2005. However, due to heavy rains in Mumbai on 26th July 2005, both the movies bombed at box office. Critics praised the film for being warm and intimate.

    Awards & nominations

  • Star Screen Award for Best Lyrics (Won) - 'Naam Adaa Likhna' (Gulzar)
  • Star Screen Award for Best Film - Robby Grewal
  • Star Screen Award for Best Director - Shoojit Sircar
  • Star Screen Award for Best Actress - Minnisha Lamba
  • Star Screen Award for Playback Singer Male - 'Naam Adaa Likhna' (Shaan)
  • Star Screen Award for Playback Singer Female - 'Naam Adaa Likhna' (Shreya Ghoshal)
  • The Screen Award for Best Lyricist - 'Naam Adaa Likhna' (Gulzar for 2006)
  • Yahaan cd2 dvdrip


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