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XxiiRavela (Twitch Star)

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XxiiRavela pouting her lips, with a Snapchat filter on her head, wavy short hair, and wearing a light blue shirt.


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Daylight Play through!

xxiiRavela is a 24 years old famous Twitch star who has over a whooping, twenty thousand three hundred followers on the platform. Her channel has a total of about 3057+ hours and around 208+ streamed hours on Twitch. She identifies herself as a gaming video creator and a very loving dog mom to her Draco.


XxiiRavela smiling with her dog Draco and wearing a black shirt.


  • She loves her followers and tries her best to engage with them through her videos. She refers to her followers as RavFam.
  • All across social media she likes to associate herself to being “dorky” and “sassy”- a very lethal combination.
  • She is a total dog-person! She currently stays with her dog that is called Draco. Their pictures can be seen on her Instagram handle.

Early and Personal Life

XxiiRavela pouting her lips while holding her phone, doing a selfie in front of a mirror while sitting on the stairs, with wavy short hair, wearing a blue shirt, a checkered black and white skirt, black stockings, and black shoes.

Little to no information exists about xxiiRavela’s life and her achievements. It is safe to say that she is on her way to becoming a major star. She has a younger brother who is a gamer just like her, from his profile; we get to know that she does not stay with her family any longer.

As of 2021 she is dating a fellow gamer and Twitch star Ethan Felton who has been seen collaborating with her on many occasions.


XxiiRavela smiling with her hand on her face, with long purple hair, and wearing an off-white shirt.

As of 2021 xxiiRavela has around 3057+ hours and approx 208+ streamed hours on her Twitch channel where she used to post regular gaming videos. Twitch is an American video live streaming service that focuses on video game live streaming, including broadcasts of e-sports competitions.

Her most popular streamed video games include Dead by Daylight, which is a survival horror video game  and League of Legends, an online multiplayer battle game.


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