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Wrath Records

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Founded  2001
Albums  Songs of Prey, Phantom Head, Amoeba to Zebra

Wrath Records is a small independent record label founded in 2002 based in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Unlike some 'indie labels', Wrath does not feature backing from any major record companies.

Originally set up by Steven and Paul Morricone of The Scaramanga Six to produce and market their own records, the label has expanded to release material by the following artists:

  • Beachbuggy
  • Being 747
  • The Bilderberg Group
  • Champion Kickboxer
  • Chris T-T
  • Chuck
  • Engerica
  • Eureka Machines
  • Farming Incident
  • Galitza
  • Instant Species
  • The Interiors
  • Landspeed Loungers
  • Les Flames
  • Little Japanese Toy
  • The Lodger
  • Magoo
  • Mama Scuba
  • Me Against Them
  • Piskie Sits
  • The Playmates
  • Sarandon
  • The Scaramanga Six
  • The Secret Hairdresser
  • Stuffy/The Fuses
  • The Terminals
  • YSN
  • Wrath Records release material on CD albums and singles, and also ran the Supersevens Singles Club (a subscriber-only series of vinyl seven-inch singles, each of which were split between two different artists).

    The label is associated with Poison Pen Films, Paul Morricone's film production company.


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