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Woman to Woman (1929 film)

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Director  Victor Saville
Country  United Kingdom
7/10 IMDb

Woman to Woman (1929 film) Jazz Age Club Woman to Woman 1923 Jazz Age Club
Language  Silent (English intertitles)
Release date  1 November 1929
Based on  Based on play Woman to Woman by Michael Morton
Writer  Nicholas Fodor, Michael Morton (play), Victor Saville

1929 melodrama classic old movie film full length woman to woman

Woman to Woman is a 1929 British drama film directed by Victor Saville and starring Betty Compson, George Barraud and Juliette Compton. The film was an adaptation of the play Woman to Woman by Michael Morton which had previously been made into a film in 1923.



During the First World War, a British officer - David Compton (George Barraud) - on leave from the trenches in Paris falls in love with and has a liaison of three days with a French performing artist: Deloryse/Lola (Betty Compson). He proposes to her and tells her to get ready for the wedding in an hour. He rushes to search for the English church. On the way he meets his superior, who tells him that he has to report immediately, they have to leave Paris. He doesn't even have the time to see his fiancé again.

After returning to fight on the front, he suffers from shellshock and forgets everything that happened in the last four years. After recovering he goes back to his wealthy life of rich industrialist, marries a British Socialite, with whom he runs entirely separate lives. She is the one to invite Deloryse to London to dance on one of her charity events. While dancing and singing on the stage she sees him in a loge. During her second number, where she sings the same song of when he met her in Paris, he finally has a flash back of the song and the singer. After the performance he sends her a notice that he wants to see her. She's very excited, but when Doctor Gavron (Winter Hall) comes to see her, he measures her pulse and tells her, that she has to give up the stage, as the strain might kill her, even if she dances once more. Then David comes. He meets her and his son Davey (Georgie Billings). But he is now married to a British Socialite: Vesta Compton (Juliette Compton), who never wanted children, to the big regret of her husband. He tells his wife, that he wants to adopt a boy. She doesn't want't to know nothing about it. His wife tells him that she will never give him a divorce. Lola wants then to give his son to David's wife, as she understands that there is no future for her and David, but she refuses.Then David wants to stay with Lola and his son and take all the consequences. They want to leave for Paris that evening, as Davey has his birthday the next day. But Vesta comes to see Lola "from woman to woman" and to tell her, that she would ruin David socially, if she lives with him without having him divorced, She gives little David to bring him to his home. Afterwards she has a breakdown. Soon later she has to perform again for a charity event of Vesta Compton and visits her sleeping son a last time. When she dances and falls dead at the end, they find out she will never dance again, she dies.


  • Betty Compson – Deloryse / Lola
  • George Barraud – David Compton
  • Juliette Compton – Vesta Compton
  • Margaret Chambers – Florence
  • Reginald Sharland – Hal
  • Georgie Billings – Davey Compton
  • Winter Hall – Doctor Gavron
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