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Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan

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Local time  Tuesday 9:12 PM
Province  Saskatchewan
Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan
Weather  0°C, Wind W at 5 km/h, 73% Humidity

Wollaston Lake is an unincorporated community on Wollaston Lake in the boreal forest of northeastern Saskatchewan, Canada.


Map of Wollaston Lake, SK, Canada

The population centre comprises the northern settlement of Wollaston Lake, an unincorporated community in the Northern Saskatchewan Administration District, and the adjoining First Nations community of Wollaston Post, the administrative headquarters of the Hatchet Lake Dene First Nation band government.

Access is provided by Wollaston Lake Airport and Highway 905. The highway is on the west side of the lake and the community is on the east side. Access from the highway is provided by an ice road in the winter and by the Wollaston Barge Ferry in the summer.


The population of Wollaston Lake (the northern settlement) was 129 in 2012 and the population of Wollaston Post (Lac La Hache 220, IR, Saskatchewan) was 1,251 in 2011. Together they form a community of 1,380 residents.

Hatchet Lake Dene Nation

Wollaston Post is the administrative centre of the Hatchet Lake Dene Nation. The First Nations band government had a total registered membership of 1,760 in January 2015 with 1,369 members residing on-reserve and 391 members residing at locations off-reserve. Under a Custom Electoral System members choose one Chief and six councillors. Hatchet Lake is affiliated with the Prince Albert Grand Council.


Hatchet Lake Dene Nation has one territory (Lac La Hache 220). Lac La Hache 220 is 11,020 hectares (27,200 acres) 58.1957°N 103.0225°W / 58.1957; -103.0225. It includes many islands the largest being Strong Island, Paul Island, Labby Island and Jackpine Island and peninsulas north of the settlement in the area surrounding Fidler Bay and Kempton Bay.


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