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Wolfgang West

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Residence  Perth, Australia
Significant other  Cheryl West
Portrayed by  Grant Bowler
Wolfgang West Outrageous Fortune images Wolfgang West wallpaper and background
Created by  James Griffen, Rachel Lang
Spouse  Cheryl West (wife), divorced.
Children  Helena West (deceased daughter) Jethro West (son) Van West (son) Pascalle West (daughter) Brandon Gibbs (Son) Loretta West (daughter)
Other relatives  Ted West (possible father) Vern Gardner (possible father) Rita West (deceased mother) Gary Savage (Brother or half brother) Ngaire West (step mother)
First appearance  episode 1, Slings and Arrows.
Last appearance  episode 86, They Bleed on Both Sides.
Similar  Cheryl West, Ted West, Wayne Patterson, Henry Rearden, Amanda Rosewater

Wolfgang 'Wolf' West is a character on the New Zealand TV show Outrageous Fortune who is portrayed by Grant Bowler. Wolf has appeared in all seasons thus far in uncontinuative roles. Wolf was lead cast in season 1, 2, 4 a guest role in season 3 and a guest appearance in season 5. He did not appear in season 6.


Wolfgang West Outrageous Fortune images Wolfgang West wallpaper and background


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Wolf West is the son of Rita West. His father was believed to be Ted West but was made unclear when it was discovered Rita was having an affair at the time of his conception. He also has a brother called Gary Savage. As a teenager, Wolf met Jeneatte, he started dating her. But soon Wolf realised he was more attracted to her sister Cheryl. When Cheryl was 16, Wolf got her pregnant. Unfortunately the baby died. The two married when they were 17. Wolf went on to have 4 more children with Cheryl. Wolf was mentioned as being in Australia during one episode in season 6, where he owns an earthmoving works with Gary Savage.

The young Wolf West appears in Westside the prequel television series to Outrageous Fortune.

Season 1

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In the first ever episode, Wolf went away for 4 years for armed robbery. Wolf suspected Cheryl was having an affair and got Eric to spy on her. Eric saw Cheryl with Wolf's friend Allen and told Wolf. But Cheryl insisted she wasn't having an affair. Her anger at Wolf made her consider it though. Wolf returned for Erics son Billys funeral. He mended things with Cheryl. Cheryl went on to have an affair with Wayne Judd. Wolf didn't realise this though. In the last episode of the season, Wolf was released on home detention.

Season 2

Wolf appeared regularly in this season as he was on home detention. He constantly had arguments with Cheryl and got in fights with local boy racers. Wolf decided to organise a job to steal money from the Horsemen, a local biker gang. He enlisted help from Jethro West, Hayden Peters and Sparky. The job went successfully. But just before the job, Jethro revealed to Wolf that Cheryl had been having an affair with Wayne Judd. Wolf broke off his home detention leglet and tried to escape. He was in a garage about to destroy the tools used for the job, when Judd approached him telling him to leave forever or he would tell the Horsemen what happened. Wolf sprinted away. He became an official missing person, Pascalle, Munter and Eric went on a search for him but uncovered nothing, except Wolf was suspected murdered by the police and Cheryl and Judd were suspects. No one heard from Wolf except Ted West who was speaking to Wolf over phone. Judd later found this number and recorded it. Wolf returned in the final few episodes to frame Judd. He successfully framed Judd for blackmail and handed himself into the police.

Outrageous Fortune the Movie

Ranger Graeme revealed that Wolf delivered a Christmas cake.

Season 3

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Wolf appeared in the last 2 episodes of season 3 when Judd tracked him down. He was with his new girlfriend Sheree Gregan. He came back to the Wests to help sort everything out about Gary Savage, who he revealed was his half brother. He savagely beat up Gary and told him not to come back.

Season 4

Wolf started in season 4 in a relationship with Sheree Greegan but made it clear throughout the season he wanted his ex, Cheryl West back. Wolf worked at Sheree's brother Nicky's gym as a trainer but quit after Nicky started up with Loretta. Wolf was wrongly accused of stealing 80K from a bank which was actually stolen by Loretta and Jethro as a pay back for all he had done for them.

Wolf was released near the end of the season and called it quits on Sheree. Wolf tried his best to get Cheryl back but she wanted to stay with Wayne. Wolf, Loretta and Jethro miraculously joined sides to try to get Pascalle away from Nicky who Wolf called "a bad bastard." It backfired and Pascalle ended up getting engaged to Nicky. At the season finale, Wolf called Pascalle and told her if you ever need me just call. And that was the last of Wolf until he appeared as a figment of Cheryl's imagination in season 5.

Season 5

Wolf didn't physically appear in season 5, but when Cheryl lost her baby, she went to the bay where her and Wolf spread their first baby's ashes. She imagined him for a whole day. The viewer was led to believe that Wolf was actually there. Cheryl and the imaginary Wolf went on to rob a shop and cause havoc around the village. But the hallucinations stopped when Cheryl imagined a young version of herself and Wolf on the day they spread their baby's ashes. Pascelle came to Cheryls rescue and took her home. Wolf was not seen again


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