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Type  Public
Products  Witel Jetter
Founded  2007
Traded as  Grey Market: WITL
Website  www.witel.com
Area served  World
Witel httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaendd7Wit
Industry  Telecommunications Wireless handheld devices WiFi Phones
Services  Witel Basic Witel Unlimited Witel Business Solutions
Headquarters  Los Angeles, California, United States
Motto  The World Is Your Network!

Senam witel kediri

Witel /ˈhwtɛl/ is a publicly held global mobile phone company that provides unlimited telephone service via a WiFi connection. The company's name is derived from the words "Wi-Fi" and "Telephone"..


Witel launched its global phone service in June 2009, allowing any two people with its proprietary phone, the Jetter, to make and receive calls free.

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The technology behind the Witel service is based on phones that route calls over WiFi networks as opposed to traditional GSM or CDMA networks. By doing so Witel is using an existing global communications platform to deliver calls to its subscribers as long as they are within the vicinity of a WiFi network.

Once a subscriber buys a phone they are able to choose from one of two service plans. Both plans offer unlimited Witel to Witel calling regardless of one's location. The plans also include unlimited incoming calls from conventional phones to the Witel subscriber no matter their geographic location. This translates into complete avoidance of roaming charges.

Other free features included with both plans are:

  • Witel Phone Number – a phone number from the U.S./Canada/United Kingdom that is linked to a customer's Witel account and allows them to receive calls with that number regardless of their geographic location. Numbers from other countries are available for a monthly charge
  • Free Caller ID – Witel offers its customers free caller identification.
  • Free Global Voicemail – Witel provides its customers with the ability to listen to voicemails through their phone, their email, or through an internet browser on the Witel control panel.
  • Witel Control Panel – A unique web-based tool that allows a customer to exercise full control over their Witel account.
  • Ability to log in from any Witel handset – Since no SIM cards are used, Witel service is available through any Witel enabled handset. A customer just needs to enter their Witel virtual number and password and that handset would then be linked to their Witel account.
  • Products

    Witel developed a WiFi phone called Jetter. The name is supposedly derived from the ability to "jet" around the world with one handset The Jetter has a retail price of $59.99 making it the lowest priced WiFi phone in the world.

    The Jetter acts and feels like a traditional mobile phone except that it routes calls over WiFi networks as opposed to traditional networks. When it is turned on it automatically begins searching for available WiFi networks. After one is identified it connects and allows the subscriber to make or receive calls. The phone stores networks that were previously accessed and automatically reconnects in the future.

    The Jetter runs on an operating system that allows any Witel user to log in to their account from any Jetter phone.

    Witel launched an iPhone application on September 21, 2009.

    Business Solutions

    Witel targets three specific industries: Apartment and Condominiums, Hotels, and Marinas.


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