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Wintter is heavy metal/progressive band. It was initially established in 1997 by the Wintter family. It is a power trio, formed by Elliot Wintter (Lead vocal, Bass, Keyboards and Synth Pedals), Gabriel Wintter (Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Synth Pedals and Back vocal) and Thiago Wintter (Drums and vocals).



The band started in 1997 when brothers Gabriel and Thiago got together with their father Elliot to play for fun in their house. They used to cover progressive rock bands who have influenced their current work. They became well known in their hometown for being the only Rush cover band around, playing as a power trio just like the original band. Through the years, the band created their own identity and developed their own characteristics. These are evident in their first studio album, Wings.

Musical Style

Wintter is known for being a hard rock/progressive band that brings to their music various influences. They are eager to bring to their listeners strong characteristics with a powerful sound, combined with elaborate vocal and melodic lines that are easy to memorize.


The band Wintter debuts its work Wings with partner WM Records. It was first released on November 11, 2013. The piece is the first album of the Wintter family, with members Elliot, Gabriel and Thiago. Their sound has evolved for years and resulted in the tendencies shown in the disc. Each song brings different expressions of feelings and emotions. These songs guide the listener through different times and situations, telling stories and sometimes highlighting the adrenaline rush of flying airplanes. Because the work was slowly developed step by step, its a compilation of songs that show the band's maturity and also an opportunity to value each piece as a mean of sharing emotions and, eventually, some criticism too. It is a powerful album, which surely is going to state Wintter's strong presence in the world of rock. The album was recorded and mixed at the CIA DO SOM studio (www.companhiadosom.com.br) in Jundiai-SP Brazil, by Ricardo Cecchi (main engineer) and Fernando Gambini (auxiliary engineer). The mastering was done in Los Angeles, CA, at the Lurssen Mastering Studio (www.lurssenmastering.com), by Gavin Lurssen himself.


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