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Will Tuttle

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Nationality  American
Role  Writer
Name  Will Tuttle
Will Tuttle Will Tuttle WillTuttlePhD Twitter
Born  1953Concord, Massachusetts, USA
Occupation  Author, pianist, composer, speaker, educator
Known for  The World Peace Diet and inspirational piano
Spouse(s)  Madeleine Tuttle (fine artist)
Education  University of California, Berkeley
Residence  Healdsburg, California, United States
Albums  AnimalSongs, The Call, OceanPrayer, Ascension, SkyHigh, Islands Of Light

Dr will tuttle talk the world peace diet toronto canada august 4 2014

Will M. Tuttle (born 1953) is an American writer, speaker, musician, educator, and author of the Amazon #1 bestseller The World Peace Diet.


Will Tuttle Will Tuttle on Radio New Zealand Animal Rights Zone

He is the co-founder, with Judy Carman, of the Circle of Compassion and the Worldwide Prayer Circle For Animals. He has lectured through Unity Church and other New Thought and progressive centers throughout North America since 1990, and was the first guest of Animal Rights Zone in 2010. He made an international debut in August 1995 at the 8th International Vegan Festival in San Diego, where he performed inspirational classical music and spoke about inner and outer peace and harmony in the context of a vegan diet. Tuttle is a former Zen monk who studied in Korea. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Administrative Science with an emphasis of Literature and Music from Colby College, Waterville, Maine in 1975, his master's degree in humanities from San Francisco State University and his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, specializing in the philosophy of education. He is a frequent speaker at vegetarian, spiritual, and animal rights conferences and at local vegetarian societies. He and Steve Prussack organized the Veganpalooza online audio conference (11–15 June 2012) and has organized other online events and conference calls on the theme of veganism and world peace. Tuttle has been a vegan since 1980.

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Will tuttle phd healing a deeper look at food


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  • Discography

  • Ascension
  • Islands of Light
  • AnimalSongs
  • The Call
  • Ocean Prayer
  • SkyHigh
  • Four Viharas
  • Living in Harmony with All Life: A Discourse on the World Peace Diet
  • The World Peace Diet Audio Book
  • Songs

    Waves of Light
    Song of the Truth-Field
    Dance of the Jeweled Web
    Inner Doorway
    Song of Inner Spaces
    Emerging jewel
    Song of the Caring Earth
    Song of B-flat
    Song of Understanding
    Song of Returning home
    Time Beyond Time
    Cloud Journey
    Ocean of Wisdom
    Reaching the Sea
    Longing For Depth
    Leaving the Bay
    Touching Earth
    Into The Sunrise
    Freedom's Call
    Benedection Of Light
    Vajrasattva's Mirror
    Maitreya's Vow
    Hasta 2012
    Blossoming Vajra
    Rainbow Body
    Dance of Light
    Healing Light
    Redwood Light
    The Joy Of Sky


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