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Whos Your Caddy

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Director  Don Michael Paul
Initial DVD release  November 27, 2007
Language  English
2/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Sport
Producer  Tracey Edmonds
Country  United States
Whos Your Caddy movie poster
Release date  July 27, 2007
Writer  Don Michael Paul, Bradley Allenstein, Robert Henny
Cast  Mick Partridge (Valet), Big Boi (C-Note), Sherri Shepherd (Lady G), Lil Wayne (Himself), Andy Milonakis (Wilson Cummings), Faizon Love (Big Large)
Similar movies  Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, Rocky, Rocky III, Rocky II, Rocky V

Superstar rap mogul C-Note (Antwan "Big Boi" Patton) wants to join the Carolina Pines Golf & Country Club, but faces stiff opposition from the establishments snooty members. C-Note forces the issue by purchasing the land adjacent to the golf courses 17th hole. As the club leaders search for a way to revoke his membership, C-Note realizes his familys honor and golf history are at stake, and digs in for the fight of his life.


Whos Your Caddy movie scenes

Whos Your Caddy? is a 2007 comedy film directed by Don Michael Paul, and starring Big Boi, Lil Wayne, Andy Milonakis, Faizon Love, Terry Crews, Tony Cox, Jeffrey Jones, and Jesper Parnevik. It is the first film produced by Robert L. Johnsons Our Stories Films studio. It was released on July 27, 2007 in the United States and was released on DVD on November 27, 2007.

Whos Your Caddy movie scenes

When "street smart" rapper Christopher "C-Note" Hawkins (Big Boi) applies for a membership to all-white Carolina Pines Country Club, the establishment's proprietors are hardly ready to oblige him.

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Whos Your Caddy? movie scenes Who s Your Caddy 2007

When hip-hop star Christopher “C-Note” Hawkins (Big Boi) is denied membership into an exclusive Carolina Pines Country Club, he comes up with a cunning plan that will oblige the country club to allow his acceptance. C-Note purchases property that contains land from the 17th hole, and bribes the country club for a membership in exchange for his land. The rest of the movie’s plot revolves around the club members and their efforts to get C-Note kicked out, while he disrupts the club’s atmosphere.


  • Big Boi as Christopher "C-Note" Hawkins (credited as "Antwan Andre Patton")
  • Chase A.A. Jackson as Christopher "C-Note" Hawkins flashback as little boy
  • David Kelly as Robert "Bobby" Hawkins
  • James Avery as Caddy Mack
  • Bruce Bruce as Golf-Ball Eddie
  • Tony Cox as Big Willie Johnson
  • Terry Crews as Tank
  • Faizon Love as Big Large
  • Finesse Mitchell as Dread
  • Jeffrey Jones as Cummings
  • Jesper Parnevik as Himself
  • Andy Milonakis as Wilson Cummings
  • Sherri Shepherd as Lady G
  • Tamala Jones as Shannon Williams
  • Garrett Morris as Rev. JJ Jackson
  • Cam Gigandet as Mick
  • Chase Tatum as Kidd Clean
  • Susan Ward as Mrs. Cummings
  • Hugh Jass as Bobby Lee
  • Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs as Joseph Williams
  • Robert Curtis Brown as Frosty
  • Todd Sherry as Realtor
  • Matthew Reichel as Himself
  • Lil Wayne as Himself
  • Reception

    The film had received negative reviews from critics. In particular, many critics have deemed this film a "terrible rip-off" of Caddyshack. Overall it is ranked a "Rotten" rating of 6% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the consensus calling the film "unoriginal, unfunny, and just plain forgettable." However, former U.S. president Bill Clinton "loves" the film. The film was nominated for a Golden Raspberry awards in the fields of Worst Remake or Rip-off, but lost to I Know Who Killed Me.

    Box office

    The movie grossed US$2.76 million in its first week at the box office, debuting in the number 10 spot. But the film was a dud at the box office, earning only $5,713,425.


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